Busy here and Odd conversations

My feet hurt, busy again booked through next wed, including a 4-plex. The 2 today and yesterday including pest inspections I met some interesting people. We talked about the Homes being inspected, and food, the weather, kids, grand kids, fishing, movies, etc.

Odd but not one person brought up who I voted for, what was my religion, health care, socialism, nationalism, or any other topic of that nature.

Am I in some sort of vortex here, as I see the endless posts on this HI message board about all sorts of non HI topics and it seems most of my clients do not know that they should be really interested in these topics???


Typical Democrat:p:p



You must be in a vortex because I don’ think food, weather, kids, grand kids, fishing or movies have anything to do with home inspections either.

But oddly enough that is the small talk people made at the inspection. Who knew???:stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for TOTALY missing the point Peter…

Ah, small talk. That’s what this country needs more of. Just sit down, watch the grass grow and shoot the breeze. Oh, but wait a minute, what about our second amendment rights? Can we still shoot the breeze?


ROTFLMAO that is funny Peter…:mrgreen: