New Fluke Ti32


Looks like it will be interesting! I like the interchangeable lenses, the higher resolution, and the 50mK sensitivity. Jayson, what kind of prices are there?

Thermally yours,



$8995 for the camera
$995 for each lens (currently 10mm and 40mm) That is wide angle .5x and telephoto of 2x. More lenses to come.

Fluke now also offers extended warranty plans of 3 years and 4 years (total, not on top of the 2 year standard). I still have to read up on these. One is gold and the other is either silver or platinum. Whatever their names, the higher one offers a free camera loaner if yours goes in to service. I am not sure if these are in effect yet. I would think they are though, since we were demonstrated the new camera and the warranties at the same time. Along with 2 new regular test and measurement meters.

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I can get the same camera at a price so low that you could take my
IR class about three times with the savings. For my students only.

I told you I can get the lowest prices in the USA… :slight_smile:

All of your students or just new ones?

Thanks for the info John. Ordered one today. Looks like its time to sell one of my two FLIRs.

Dealers around the country hate me…:slight_smile:

No doubt. Why anyone would NOT take your course is beyond me. Even if it were a bad course (its not) it would still be worth the price of admission.

…because you have no morals or business ethics. Not something a (mentally healthy) grown man should be proud of John.

It could easily (and accurately) be argued that the mark-ups on this equipment is pretty unethical. Of course we just label it capitalism so we can sleep well at night.

Authorized Fluke distributors are obligated by contract not to violate Fluke’s “Minimum Advertised Pricing” policy. John is not exposing an “unethical mark-up”, he is “raping” a loop-hole. Do you sleep well supporting that?

John I was tod by fluke the ti32 would not be available till sept 19th and there will most likely be a back order can you e-mail me at with your price and when the camera will be available I am very interested thank you.

My guess is that you’re not exactly the “choir boy” you profess to be so my answer would have to be …yes. I sleep nicely. Thanks for asking.

Given that he’s only offering this to his students, that hardly qualifies as rape.

The fact that he charges his students in the first place is considered rape. Enjoy your new camera Dave.

(…and remember this thread the next time you lose work to an unlicensed, under-qualified, cheaper inspector. Remember that all the years of toil and hard work you put into your trade means nothing because it’s right for someone who’s manipulating the system to come in and undercut you.)

We sell for so much less because the core purpose of isn’t to make money. It’s to make InterNACHI members money.

Non-members can die and go to hell. We have no duty to them, don’t advertise to them, and refuse to sell to them.

This is difficult for some to understand initially.

I lose work to low-ballers all the time. It comes with the territory. I don’t like it but getting steamed about it solves nothing either.

It won’t be too long before TI32-level performance will be available for under $1000 at Wal-Mart so all of this discounting is moot. Heck…I have 2 other cameras that are barely 2 years old and I’d be lucky to get half of what they’re worth so yea, they’re way overpriced to begin with.

Given that these cameras depreciate faster than the average car, we absolutely shoot for the best deal we can find, particularly in this economy.

In the end, you lost nothing. I would have never paid your price anyway and simply would have waited.

Some things are pretty difficult to understand. I thought is John McKenna was providing HIS customers with cameras with HIS training through Infrared-Certifiable. What does Inspector Outlet or InterNACHI have to do with this?

I do believe that Infrared Certified is an I-NACHI logo. Which pretty much means that a vendor just trashed the association that they’re trying “vend” to.

I think that’s what we call in the business…“Un-smart” :wink:

If “we” includes those who approve of McKenna’s un-ethical business practices, then I’m not really all that worried.

Vendors who come on this forum (for free) and demand
that our members pay them thousands of dollars in marked
up prices is really the demonstration of RAPE.

I agree with Nick. Go to hell. :mrgreen:

I don’t sell IR cameras, but pass on the info to my students.
They save money and the dealers on this forum cry like
a baby.

Welcome to InterNACHI, where the members save money.
My last student save enough to go on a vacation to Hawaii :slight_smile:

The thermal imaging vendors and educators are in a frenzy
as InterNACHI meets them head on and stops the RAPING
the of our members. Alleluia.

Yea John, you’re in it for the “cause”. rofl.