Buy Back and Porch

Hello all just getting started with the business have not launched but will soon.
I saw the Buy Back Program and was signing up and saw the Porch option. How do those in the program now feel about the Porch partnership. I know Porch and was not that fond of it as a contractor but I am diving in new waters.

Do any of you use the Porch option if so why and if not why

Thank you in advance

I decided to give the Porch option a try. I have set up the system to send out an email explaining the program and its benefits with an invitation that the client respond if they wish to opt out. A few do. I have received no negative feedback from buyers or agents, and my referral business continues to grow.

Thank you William are you using Porch as a lead service as well and iff so how is that working out

Porch’s business model is to get people to call them instead of you so they can take a cut of whatever you earn.

A home inspector promoting porch is like a taxi driver promoting uber.

I am not using Porch’s lead services, so I would know nothing about it.

That’s all tue, but don’t forget to add to the pile the fact that they are data brokers of our clients info and any inspector using them is getting screwed out of the real money.