Porch did not invent Nick's Free Listing Inspection idea

All – there was a thread forwarded to me about Nick’s Free Listing Inspections that he plans to introduce in 2018. I had a chance to read it this morning and I want to make sure a couple of things are clear:

  • Porch is in the repair business. We get hired all of the time by sellers or listing agents to do the repairs and maintenance needed to sell their homes. So if you see listing agents hiring Porch contractors, yes this happens regularly and is unrelated to this program.
  • Porch didn’t invent nor are we behind the Free Inspections in 2018 concept. I got a call Thursday morning from Nick about this concept after he had posted this announcement. I didn’t know anything about it until then.
  • We are taking it seriously to make sure we are only providing products where inspectors have control and will help their business. We have heard this loud and clear. If Nick asked Porch to help provide repair services for the seller as part of this Free Inspection program, I’d only consider being a part of it if 3 things were addressed: The integrity and independence of the inspection report would have to be unaffected, consumers have to feel good about the offering and that they aren’t being harassed, and it would have to be good for inspectors (control is maintained, an increase in the number of inspections, etc). Just as of yesterday we started to talk about this and while we haven’t found a solution yet, we’ll be meeting at InterNACHI HQ in a couple of weeks to see if it is something Porch could ever get behind.
  • In terms of an InterNACHI/Porch relationship, what Nick and I have been working on is trying to make the InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee available for free to all inspectors (or at least all InterNACHI members) as well as provide $100 of Handyman Services for each of your customers. Nick had concerns that had to be resolved, such as having data security and privacy oversight (which we are providing to make sure the inspector industry knows we are doing everything by the book) and a No Complaint Guarantee (which we are providing with a creative concept of Nick’s that will cover a month of the InterNACHI membership fees if there is a single customer complaint in a month). Nick will announce what we are doing soon and I think it will be a great thing for inspectors and homebuyers that all will be excited about.

Hope this clears things up. I want to make sure inspectors and inspector franchises know that Porch has been listening to the feedback and believe we have addressed all of the concerns. Nick will include an FAQ with the details in his announcement. We really are looking forward to being an important partner that you can count on to help your business and your customers.

If you have any questions for me directly, please feel free to email me at matt@porch.com

Matt Ehrlichman
CEO, Porch


So we have a vendor in the home repair business working on a deal with Nick and InterNACHI at giving FREE services to all inspectors, Plus giving $100 coupons to all of the inspectors customers; and is in the process of becoming a partner with the largest home inspection organization in the world.


Thanks Matt. Good post. One of the purposes of free listing inspections is to determine what has to be repaired or replaced, so it is fitting that you and I continue to explore ways Porch may be beneficial to InterNACHI members and their clients without tainting the independence of the reports or pissing off consumers. Maybe we’ll come up with something, maybe we won’t. But we certainly should try. See ya in a week or so.

The only benefit would come from Porch staying the hell away from InterNACHI members.

Like the incessant harrassing phone calls and incognito texts followed-up an hour later by an identifiable text to make it look legit! (Even on weekends including two today)! I have informed you people to leave me the hell alone!

Nick, any potential deal you screw us with MUST include directions to Porch (or any vendor) to stay the hell away from every member that wants nothing to do with them in any manner!!!

Hear! Hear!

Man…What does Porch have that everybody wants…ISN…InterNACHI…Seam to be throwing caution to the wind.

Client Data and the systems to effectivly collect it from inspectors!

I want to see if there is some way we can work out a deal on the listing inspections that is beneficial to InterNACHI members without tainting the independence of our inspection reports or upsetting consumers.

If we can’t, we can’t. If we can, we can.

Let’s work on it every step of the way and if you see a play for us, speak up. Ultimately there just might not be anything here for us to safely gain from.

The buyer should never have to “opt out” of 3rd party involvement such as porch, they should have to “opt in” in a clear and stand-alone manner (not buried in a page of legal jibberish)

My two cents.

Correct. But in this case, we aren’t doing the buyers inspections. We’re doing the seller’s inspections and sellers often need to make some repairs to help sell the home. They just do.

Although I can think of a few ways we can provide some additional incentives to the buyer as well so that they hire an InterNACHI member for their inspection. Right now all we are offering is www.nachi.org/buy for free which is awesome, but maybe we can make using an InterNACHI member an absolutely irresistible decision.

LOL. Well, I’m in the position to help change how things work, for the better. Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Well when you put it that way… :roll:


Well lets see. ISN and NACHI have hella data and Porch has money… Oh yeah, and you are the medium and they can’t do it without you. However I have yet to learn of anyone taking a stand… It’s so cozy in our comfort zone, right?

What ^he^ said

What ^He^ said.

A stand for or against what?