Buy Back Guarantee for Seller inspections

@bgromicko1 - For the Buy Back Guarantee, I see that it is offered to sellers and is transferrable to the buyers, but could I get some clarification so I can explain it to our agents? I searched and I couldn’t seem to find a clear answer. My questions are:

  1. When does it transfer over to the buyer? After close of escrow? When they go under contract? Or when the buyer has their inspection (by a different inspector likely)?

  2. When does the 90 days start for the buyer when it is transferred to them?

Thanks in advance!

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I believe all your question can be answer in the term and conditions of the buyback guarantee.

I did not see this info answered in the terms. If you see the answer there, I would be happy to know what it is

OK - I found the answer:

Is this good for pre-listing inspections?
A: Yes. And the Guarantee automatically transfers to the new buyer. The Guarantee goes with the home, not the occupant or owner so it is perfect for pre-listing inspections. And best of all, the 90 days starts at closing, not the day of the inspection. So there is no rush.

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Hi, Jay. You may want to just check out and And Martin is correct, visit the main page at for other resources.

Thanks Ben

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