mic and buyback guarantee

(Dennis J. Bonner) #1

Can we offer the buy back guarantee for the buyer when doing the inspection for the seller?

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #2


(Dennis J. Bonner) #3

would be a killer offer though

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #4

You’re going to keep me up all night with your little ideas swirling around in my head.

(Dennis J. Bonner) #5

Just saying…i almost offered it the other day, but thought id run it by you

(Michael L. Marlow, CMI, TREC-22424) #6

Maybe a buyback guarantee ad in the MIC report to encourage the buyer to have you out to reinspect?

(Adam R. Bayard) #7

I am very interested in the outcome of your thoughts nick. This would definitely be an offer that couldn’t be refused

(James E. Braun, CMI) #8

I like the ideal.

(Gregory L. Neff) #9

Bundle it

(nguyen ngoc) #10

This would definitely be an offer that couldn’t be refused

(Wayne K. Thurber) #11

Got to admit, it’s a pretty good idea. Gives a ton of credibility to the pre inspection, sellers would be super impressed to be able to market their home with that.

(Glenn Fricke) #12

How would it be any different if you’re pre-inspecting it giving it to the future buyer vs doing the inspection for the buyer? You’re essentially inspecting it for the buyer anyways, just a few weeks earlier. Put a time cap on it so it doesn’t sit on the open market for 2 years. It would make marketing pre-listing inspections a whole different ballgame.