Buyer beware Citylocalpro marketing

This review is for Citylocalpro which also goes by qualityresource. Several months ago I realized citylocalpro had double and triple charged me each month over a period of 14 months. I get accidents could happen, but I spoke with 4 different persons at this company, 2 of which claimed they were managers and no one seemed concerned on how this could happen. Nor did I receive an apology, only that they said they would get my money back to me. I can only assume it’s company policy. It has been 8 weeks since they’ve been “working on it” (which is what I get every week) and they still have not returned my money.
I’m sure they will disregard this review as they have the other poor reviews. And I will say, my experience has been the same as the other 1 star reviewers.
I hired this company to develop landing pages and use keywords to have me show up first on google. The verbiage of these pages were written as if English was not their first language. I had to work with them for 2 weeks to get the wording to sound normal. Furthermore, the keyword phrases they have me ranked first on are not even relevant. You can search the top keywords on google for your services. I’ve been asking for specific keywords and I keep getting “we’ll work on it”. Invest your money elsewhere or keep a close eye on what your paying.

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Question: Please tell us… out of the 30,000+ Home Inspectors in the United States, many of us being established for 20+ years, all vying for the prime first listing on Google… why exactly do you feel you are entitled to it, and that you can even pay someone to produce it for you?

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I am sure others may benefit from this report on this company but one question here is why it took 14 months to see the double and triple charges appearing? That can also be a lesson for other Inspectors to learn.

@jjonas . Well maybe we can’t. I’ve been doing this for close to 10 years. I believe I provide a good service. I got this company down to a low price point and thought I’d try it out.

I wasn’t watching my cc statements close enough. That too is a big lesson for me and everyone. Review your money regularly.

My main take away here is if you do business with quality resource group, citylocal101, citylocalpro and you like their service. Just watch your statements because nobody flinched when I told them that they had been double and triple charging me and I’m sure they’re doing it to everyone else, until they get caught.

Have you spoken to the CC company to contest the charges? Most CC’s have that service. Unfortunately for the vendor anymore they are on the side of the card holder and do it immediately and make the merchant prove they are due the money.

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Good point! It should be easy peasy if there are obvious double or triple charges. In my experience the CC company is pretty sympathetic to the purchaser.