Buyer gets screwed, seller--realtor don't DISCLOSE existing defects

Bubba says hello to our friends in the great white north and yep, scamming interior basement systems up there too looolll

Video, seller had an interior basement system installed and as usual, the existing problems are exterior cracks etc on the outside of the foundation wall, NOT because the interior system MAY have been installed incorrectly, that is nonsense!!! See other photos below to see what Bubba-Milk means or just watch some of our videos, got that?
Homebuyer with huge bill not told about old leak | CBC News

The supposed ‘repair’ aka interior system, was not a “REPAIR”!!!
Might as well then say, had they painted the foundation wall with Drylok then, it was repaired pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttt!

Yeah yeah older photos, doesn’t matter at all, facts are facts… homeowners writes, “I still have seepage even with Basement Systems Water Guard”… right! That’s because as usual, they didn’t want to or care to, correctly determine aka identify and then fix/waterproof the actual problems which are exterior cracks/cracked exterior parging in the foundation wall… happens ALL the time.
basement nw corner | I still have seepage even with Basement… | Flickr
and that mold can only get worse because water is getting into the hollow block foundation wall through exterior cracks etc and NO interior system stops that water from entering exterior openings, period.

seepage during rain | laser.brian | Flickr

seepage 1 | Seepage. I would not recommend BAsement Systems.… | Flickr
Total incompetence OR… total misrepresentation for self-gain = fraud

So whether it’s Foundation Systems of Mich or B Dorks or Neverdry or Basement Systems or many of these other interior system foolz, THIS is the crap they do, alllllllllll the time! And some keep recommending them? Yeah we know, you get $$$ kickbacks, more American bs!

LISTEN to the homeowner please, start at 2:00 mark, he says he called a well known radio host/home improvement show (who recommends an interior system co) and then received a call from that WELL KNOWN basement waterproofing company who…lied to him and told him it would cost $20,000. He ONLY had one leaky area, crack and a few rod holes, job done around two years ago, no leaks, no problems cost $1,350… $20,000 and LIES versus 1,350 hmmm
Mark Anderson - Go ahead and listen to the homeowner here…
Many homeowners in many cities, in many states and in Canada etc getting lied to, cheated, scammed, oh yes they are.