House just sold, leaky basement, exterior cracks block wall, previously done 1/2 a'd

INSIDE basement before i got job, yeah free estimates - notice the hairline step crack inside, well on the outside of the wall NO step crack but rather corner cracks previously done by rookie or cheap-O who was more concerned about how much he’d make instead of what was best for the wall/cracks and longevity of job

exterior of wall-corner, hmmmmmm

tasty clay soil they used as backfill

sooooo, install an interior water diverting system and sump pump instead of ext-waterproofing? loll

7’ deep, umm ya think the INT system peeps could hand dig this one around, under sprinkler hoses and electric lines and fence post n roots? NO, the weak could not muster the proper nuggets for this

Do you have any video’s of your repairs?

Yes sir Neil,
here, hydraulic cement was already applied in-over all exterior cracks etc in block basement wall n now tarred (roofing cement) 'n visqueen, then entire trench is backfilled with all gravel. There were multiple exterior cracks and cracked parging in block basement wall which was why the basement leaked and had quite a bit of efflorescence and mold on inside blocks

… this job we did ‘in sections’, we did the corners first and left a bank of clay soil in middle to help support bank while we did the corners

This next job was in St Clair Shores… job was right on canal (backyard) and Lake St Clair a few houses away ( a supposed -NOT- high water table area pft)

Say again, canal in backyard, maybe 20’ from back basement wall, look at BOTTOM of trench, drain tiles, see any WATER? loll Where the high water table? Where’s the supposed BS-line… hydrostatic pressure that INT system co’s always BS homeowners about?

And here was day i gave them estimate, INSIDE their basement, inside system would have cost MUCHO $$$$ and again would NOT have stopped water from entering basement, would not have stopped-prevented mold, efflorescence etc nope

Here’s a view of the canal in back and what jobs look like after we move a ton of clay and move a ton of peastone, say again Lake St Clair a few houses away, canal in backyard so where the hlllllll is this supposed, continued constant BS high water table and supposedly EVERYBODY’s problem → a hydrostaic pressure problem under peoples basement floors pftt, wayyy waaaaaaaay overused LIE to get homeowners to install interior basement drainage systems

Okay, this house is 2 houses plus a lil more footage OFF Lake St Clair, same street as above house–leaky basement, see the exterior cracked parging and SEE the STUPID DRAIN TILES, where is this excess water, supposed water, supposed hydrostatic pressure problem, the supposed high water table = again an often used LIE to get homeowners who have leaky basements CONFUSED and have these fraudulent morons install an interior drainage system and sump pump

Same house St Clair Shores… see the LAKE lol, hydraulic cement applied on back corner as guys dig out part of side block basement wall

Note-- if a homeowner has a sprinkler system and it runs every day or other day OR it rained previous night or prior 2 days THEN… lolll, when we dig this sht out and get down to DRAIN TILES there may be some water, an inch or so DOWN there, well that doesn’t mean there is a supposed hydrostatic pressure problem , nooo, it means it just rained or water from stupid az sprinkler system made it’s way down there, it’s called friggin GRAVITY lolll sheesh

How come the homeowners in above videos NOW, after we were there, do not leak? Hmmmmmmm, surely if i was wrong and the INT drainage system chumps were right, they’d still be leaking, oh Dear.
I did NOT replace one stinking drain tile on ANY of those 3 jobs in videos above 'n all 3 i pulled permits and had city inspection lolll, imo the money spent of the inspections was a waste of homeowners money and my time to get them, why? Because city inspectors are on site for around one minute, one cannot do any kind of thorough inspection in one minute and when they don’t know WHY it leaks and, they also allow OTHERS who do exterior waterproofing to backfill with ALL the same shttyy az CLAY soil and other garbage, how screwed up is that!!! smgdh

Thanks for asking Neil loll sorry so long, i just get reallllll-tired of all the lies and myths and sht, much from the INT system scammers

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Thanks Mark,
Just curious what the approx cost difference would be, fixing it correctly from the exterior vs int drain system?

depends on linear footage Neil,and depth to footing and then what might be in the way aka too close to house/wall where we need to hand dig such as sometimes a central air unit.

most jobs i look at where the homeowners already had some INT system co’s out and got EST’s from them, those est’s were almost always more $$, same footage.

now when homeowners have a drive side wall that has numerous cracks, leaks and i have to saw cut appx 20" wide by whatever footage long, then i charge around $100-150 extra for that, i don’t make sht, i pay for labor help to bust out that concrete-apron, most of these homeowners have put bricks back where we took out concrete apron so when they get outta their cars with groceries n the like, they have something solid to stand on verus standing in peastone or dirt, not much $

let’s say a homeowner calls 10 companies/contractors for est’s, almost always all others will be INT system co’s and almost always their bids will be more $$, a few times around the same cost just depends who they call, thanks Neil

Cool, thanks Mark. Keep up the good work