House 4 sale, poured walls, leaky crack and some rod ho's

Shelby Township

find and then correctly fix the existing problems/defects.

might MORE rod holes deteriorate and then leak in the coming months/years? Sure lol, that’s why i explained to BUYER (and seller) to check every dang rod hole BEFORE buyer finishes the basement $

inside basement

outside, crack and couple deteriorated rod holes here

outside, about 7’ deep, the mostly sand backfill BELOW 2’ was hard as a friggin rock lol , i wish Robert was here to ummm help us dig it, give him a nice example of what it’s like doing like crap, hmmm, i wonder… Bubba wonders if Bobby sox could handle it, got milk?

hydraulic cement first, then THICK roofing cement, then visqueen n then backfill with 90% gravel – had some leftover dimpled membrane from a bedroom slab we just did looolll, for the hell of it i used that too – newsflash, that crap is trash, the bogus claims that it supposedly ’ relieves lateral pressure’ is just more nonsense people, YES, nonsense. But as usual, the idiots will believe the lies