Does Brian start any good posts

The last one is one of his bettor posts

3201General Inspection Discussion Odd inspection month…
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]1/23/11 2:08 PM
by Brian A. MacNeish [/RIGHT]
4153Canadian Inspectors Should realtors be allowed to recommend names of HI’s? (

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Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]1/19/11 7:15 PM
by Brian A. MacNeish [/RIGHT]
1162,854General Inspection Discussion Can McMansions help solve our housing crisis?
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]1/6/11 12:21 PM
by Curtis M. Vilt [/RIGHT]
5244General Inspection Discussion Do you know of any… (

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Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]12/20/10 7:12 PM
by Roy D. Cooke, Sr [/RIGHT]
941,795Canadian Inspectors Do you offer litigation assistance/expert witness services?
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]12/20/10 7:29 AM
by Brian A. MacNeish [/RIGHT]
5285General Inspection Discussion Loss of equity in homes
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]12/17/10 9:50 PM
by Brian A. MacNeish [/RIGHT]
0206General Inspection Discussion Ontario prices!!!
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]12/7/10 1:21 AM
by Brian A. MacNeish [/RIGHT]
3374Canadian Inspectors "You probably need need a new real estate agent if…](
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]12/3/10 10:42 PM
by Brian A. MacNeish [/RIGHT]
6374General Inspection Discussion Odd stuff on inspections
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]11/16/10 6:42 AM
by Wayne B. Wilson [/RIGHT]
4344Canadian Inspectors …](
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]11/16/10 6:34 AM
by Brian A. MacNeish [/RIGHT]
3234Canadian Inspectors Housing…Folks are concerned. (

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Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]11/11/10 6:14 PM
22747General Inspection Discussion Canada’s being taken over!!
Brian A. MacNeish
[RIGHT]11/11/10 5:29 PM
by Wayne B. Wilson [/RIGHT]
3358Canadian Inspectors[/size]

Alright, who’s turn was it to keep a eye on Roy tonight? :roll:

I get enough personal attacks on Inspector news .
Can’t we just all get along?

At least Brian attempts to stay ‘inspection’ relevant, unlike his Texan counterpart.

I bet you know .

I’m sorry–it was my turn. I couldn’t find the syringe…:roll:

Jae you are the greatest I do hope we both live long enough to meet.
It would be a pleasure . Got to meet Marcel Cyr and it was fantastic hope to do it again . All the best … Roy

For your viewing pleasure…Another Episode of “Roy and the Brianstalk”. Sorry folks, he can’t help himself!!

You’re cracking me up, Michael!! Are you hear to view another episode??

Brian Glad to see you have a Friend???

Careful Jeffrey and Jae!! He could turn on you in less than a split second and then I’d lose my stalker. You see, if he concentrates on me, a non-member, I’m saving some poor paying member from his antics and incoherent, rambling posts. There should be an award for that…something like “INACHI Non-member of the Year”!

Nice try Brian but they all can see you are the stalker I post public info and always arrive to say what is wrong with what I have posted .
You are the parisite … Jae is loved by all .
I turn on no one I do try to ignore some but when you follow so close your smell is the smell of a parasite and I must admit I not a big lover of Parisites .

There are four people on this board whom I would like to meet one day–you and Marcel are the first two.

And, considering our ages we better make it soon.:p:p:D:D

Jae my friend, all I can say, is I wish there were more Members like you and the privilege to meet you one day is mutual.

My thank you to you Sir. You are indeed a Gentleman and did I say a joker?:mrgreen::wink:


What are you saying.
Is Jae a real alien or not?

Where did you get that idea or are you speaking ironically?
Professor McNutty does everything in his power to disrupt and destroy any common sense discussions on the open forums.

Have you ever tried to follow The INACHI Town Crier?? I pointed out the other day that he wasn’t even consistent within one of his own posts and that he was the first in that thread to head off into the wild blue yonder.

That’s was the thread in which you were bellyaching about all the $$$$ the govt’s are stealing from you. We’re all so poor in this country…not got enough to eat, Vern?? We can again send some apples, salt cod, canned milk, cheese and turnips out again. Hell. I’ll put a personal package together for yourself.

You live in one of the top five or six countries in the world and complain about it!! SAD!!

Canada is the best Country in the world! Why are you downgrading it. Once again Professor McNutty goes off on a tangent. You must feel scattered running off in all those tangents.