Who inspects cabinets and countertops for proper fastening?

Parker, Colorado Home Inspector

The home inspector ought to give the fasteners a look see.

I mean you wouldn’t let drywall screws fly would you?

Do you check the cabinet door hinges also?

…if the are loose.

I find a lot of loose hinges on new construction.

Can’t tell you how many flipped homes or DIYers use drywall screws for cabinets. I have seen them on new homes as well.
I always lift the counter tops, well give a try. I have found many that were not fastened.

I always tell my clients (the ones that I think can handle it) to change out the drywall screws with cabinet screws one at a time before loading them up when moving in, then its done and its easy.

What about garage cabinets?

Every job. Open drawers, cabinets, images under the sink for leaks, counter material and how the cabinetry was fastened. Every home. That includes garage cabinetry as well.