Cabinet Bolts

I was asked by an investor about cabinet bolts. A property he fix and flipped did not have cabinet bolts for the kitchen cabinets.

Can anyone shed light on cabinet bolts so I can help this investor?

Thanks in advance.


Can you explain what the purpose of cabinet bolts you are referring too?

Bolts for hardware or screws for cabinet anchorage?

That would help. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that you mean by bolts either. Unless your referring to sex bolts that are sometimes used on frameless cabinets to hold one cabinet against the other. The same can be accomplished with screws though.

not a clue what He is talking about…I’ve built and installed my share of cabinets…
maybe He’s using the wrong term…

Was he from the U.K. by any chance?..,-latches-&-bolts

Has to be fasteners.

Or sex bolts;


could very well be…

Based on the photo he showed me, the inspector showed a picture of the anchor method to the wall. I was also thinking that the inspector was using the wrong term as well. I typically see the cabinets installed using screws and not bolts. I gently tug on the cabinets during the inspection to make sure they are secure to the wall. If I sense any slight movement in the cabinets, I call it out in the report.