Cables through sub panel

I know that cables are not allowed to pass through service panels without landing on a terminal or bus bar. Can they pass through sub panels? This cable comes from the service panel, is spliced in the sub (different sized wires) and continues on to an exterior disconnect. It does land on the ground bus, but that’s all.




It appears to be a simple splice to extend the cable. Looks good to me.

Will you take a look again ?

Look at red taped white tape conductor what it landed behind the conductors that don’t add up right.

Have a electrician check out the system.

Is this in the pool pumphouse ?

If so that need to be check more futher by electrician.


Looks wrong to me. Unless the box is specifically rated to be used as a raceway (which none of them are) then it is wrong. It does not, however, probably affect anything.

Bill what type of conduit was that?.
Off subject,but I am curious.


Looks like a through-splice, which is prohibited.


Please expand…Why isn’t this splice allowed?

There is nothing in code that prohibits splicing or passing through a panelbox. I take that back, if the % fill is exceeded, then it is illegal.


That’s my thought.

My understanding that a splice within a panel is permitted, providing however that the terminus is within the panel, itself.

Well, this is new to me.

If this is true, I’d like a reference please.

I stand corrected by Jeff and David.

Through-splices are indeed allowed providing that there is adequate space and that the power is from the same service.