CAHPI Ontario SW Ontario Meeting Group

We are holding a full day educational meeting on Saturday October 27th,2007
at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn, 591 Wellington Road, London, ON

The day will start with a business meeting at 9:00 (start showing up at 8:30 to chat) Cell Phones must be shut off during the meeting and seminars.

The tentative schedule is:

9:00- 10:15 SWOMG Business meeting
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Heating & Cooling
12:00- 1:00 Lunch Break
1:00 - 2:30 Safety and Personal Protective Equipment
2:30 - 2:45 Break
2:45 - 5:00 Roofing

There will also be many handouts.

Admission is free to all and this event is open to CAHPI-Ontario/OAHI Members and any other Home Inspectors.(bring a guest if you wish). Registration will be at the door and to receive CEU’s you will need to sign in and out of each session. Please notify Don Beneteau ( if you plan to attend with the information below. Pre-registration is not required but it will help with the sign-in process. We have room for 75 but if the response demands a larger room we’ll get one.

Phone #:

Hope to see you there !!!
Bill Mullen RHI
Chair - SWOMG

He is back pleading again for some to come to the meeting.

Bill Knows where the best Bulletin Board is NACHI of course.
Bill does not mind asking on the NACHI BB,
But fair play is not practiced on his BB he does not want any one to post thing about NACHI on his BB.
Of course we all know Bill or CAHPI/OAHI never practice fair play.
Sure would be nice if he tells us how the turn out is at the meeting is .
Nice to see Bill is now trying too do what NACHI has done many times a free
education meeting for all home inspectors.
I wish him well , but it sounds like he is sort of desperate to post this twice on the NACHI board .

… Cookie

**Heres another meeting I bet non members aren’t allowed to attend! :wink:…=79&content=16

Southwestern Ontario Regional Meeting Group** **[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Arial]Upcoming Meeting [size=1] [size=2]
[size=1]Date & Time :[/size][/size] 9/17/2007, 7:00 PM Topic : CHANGE OF VENUE AND FORMAT FOR FUTURE MEETINGS. This is still in the planning stage so nothing is yet 100%decided. We will have a regular evening meeting in Chatham in September and our first all day meeting in London at the Lamplighter Inn on Saturday, October 27, 2007. The tentative theme for the education sessions that day will be “Safety” including ours as inspectors and also the safety of our clients. Speakers : To be announced Agenda : Our business agenda for Sept. 17, 2007 will include:

  1. Discussion of quarterly full day information sessions
  • Volunteers
  • Speakers (numbers and names)
  • Who to invite ?

[size=3] 2) National Certification: What is the position of the CAHPI Ontario Board of Directors? Are the leaders of CAHPI Ontario for or against the National Certification Program? Motion to be introduced confirming SW Ontario support for the NCP. We can also discuss nominations for seats on the NCA.
3) CAHPI Ontario BOD relationship with members
4) CAHPI Ontario BOD relationship with CAHPI National, NCA and other CAHPI associations.
5) CAHPI Ontario insurance plan
(a) Other plans including Thibodeau plan for
CAHPI association members.
6) CAHPI National Annual Conference - update
7) What can the members do to improve the provincial association? How can we help our directors to increase membership and improve morale and spirit among our members?
[/size] Where : St. Clair College, Thames Campus, Chatham, Ont. Map : Click for Map Contacts : Ron Sinclair RHI, 519-351-6016 or Claude Lawrenson, 519-979-8110 or Bill Mullen RHI, 519-383-1083 or Don Beneteau 519-962-1730[/FONT]**[/FONT][/size]

**[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Arial][size=1][size=1][size=3]
Are the leaders of CAHPI Ontario for or against the National Certification Program?

Again, the membership is split, those for the National and those who feel OAHI is better.

Motion to be introduced confirming SW Ontario support for the NCP. We can also discuss [/size][/size][/FONT][FONT=Arial][size=1][size=3]nominations[/size][/size][/FONT]****[FONT=Arial][size=1][size=3] for seats on the NCA.

Typo, they mean appointments, not “nominations”

CAHPI Ontario BOD relationship with members?

Not good. Lack of info, misinformation, egos, politics by leadership.

CAHPI Ontario BOD relationship with CAHPI National, NCA and other CAHPI associations.

Not good. Everyone knows that in and out of the National.

CAHPI Ontario insurance plan
(a) Other plans including Thibodeau plan for CAHPI association members.

Too expensive and not well administered.

CAHPI National Annual Conference - update?

Can I come and be the guest speaker like Bill Mullen at the Nachi conference? I have a grand vision and plan on how to get rid of the rot and corruption and lack of goodwill to present to the members. :wink: I will bring my own easel, projector, screen and microphone, and I won’t take a per diem or ask for my room to be paid! I am doing this on my own accord to inform the members what they don’t know and aren’t being told. :wink:

What can the members do to improve the provincial association?

Ask questions, ask for explanations, if no answers are forthcoming, quit and join Nachi.

How can we help our directors to increase membership and improve morale and spirit among our members?


Now its very evident that this meeting is being held, and why the questions are being asked.

One question that is missing from this list is the financial accountability issues and issues surronding misleading financial info. Maybe someone who attends and knows how to read a balance sheet can ask the tough questions, that no one wants to answer![/size][/FONT]**[/FONT][/size]

Raymond many asked for ( including me ) a Forensic audit many years ago .
I even offered to pay for one and no way did OAHI acknowledge the need for one .
They denied that there was any thing wrong with the books even though two Financial Secretaries resigned in mid term and they stated that there where a lot of discrepancies with the finances .
Still the OAHI BOD have denied the membership a full and proper financial statement , I guess they know when the do then heads will fall.
… Cookie

For those many NACHI members who appreciate my efforts to cooperate and help, I am reposting this message. NACHI members and others are most welcome to attend. I apologize for those who can’t set aside their hate long enough to allow the genuine members to read these helpful messages without running off in another direction.
Please note that my original message was one of helpfulness and invitation yet without any provocation I have been subjected to the usual barrages of bile by the usual offenders.

Bill Mullen RHI

'sokay Bill. Those of us with open minds (and there are many) understood the message as well as the reasoning. As usual, I find Ray’s post informative and as usual I put Roy’s in the SSDD category.

Yep the pleading goes on and on just like the old 8 tract car players .
Nice to see bjones posting .
He also paid the same as Bill for the use of this BB Nothing.
What we get from some free loaders is not much.
Like Bill you come into our home and complain about NACHI and its members .
Fortunately most non members have many intelegant post’s
… Cooke

Roy, you might want to rethink your above statement. Either that or take some memory training.
First, I was a member of Nachi until this year. I am not, nor ever was a freeloader.
Since you threw the ball out, I’m going to play your silly little game. Show me just ONE post where I have ever bashed NACHI. You wont find one. As for members that I dont care for, there are only 2. I have never “complained” as you put it, but have spoke my mind as is the right of anyone using this BB. I did it as a member and will continue to do so as a non-member.
Now, to the “intelegant” ? post’s of many non-members. I assume you are referring to me in a negative way, so again I ask you to read my previous post’s. You might want to look at my last 2, one in the commercial section about drywall taping and another elsewhere about tile backing.
I like to think that my post’s are intelligent as well as professional. Others may disagree but that is their right. You can disagree with me any time you like, but try to leave the sniping at the door.

I have supported NACHI from the get go and will continue to support NACHI .
If you think your agreeing and supporting Bill Mullen who has non stop belittled NACHI and its members, is not undermining NACHI then it is you who needs to look at what you said .
Its not a game with me you either support NACHI or not.
If you do not like what I say you do not need to come here.
We welcome you but please do not say thing you would not say in a persons home where you are a guest,.( take some memory training) ( spoke my mind ) and insults are different things
Stay or leave is your choice but Please respect NACHI and all those who do help NACHI.
Strange you do not say the same things to Bill Mullen who comes and asks non stop for NACHI and others to join his Group.
If you think that is a proper way for him to operate then I think you are wrong.
If any person was to say 1/2 the things on Bill Mullens CANUK list he says here they would be removed .
He says little to those who ridicule NACHI on his BB.
This is our home please except that.
So strange how Bill asks NACHI to come to the Western OAHI meeeting but never reports on The NACHI site what goes on at these meetings.


Roy… I have never visited Bill’s forum, so I cant comment on what goes on there. That being said, I did not say I agreed with Bill or what he is doing. I have no interest in the National at this time, but I do like to keep my options open. From his original post in this thread I gathered that Bill was imparting some information to anyone interested. Thats all. I didn’t see any pleading or bullying from it, just information. Isn’t information what you and others have been asking for?
One more thing Roy, insulting you or anyone is not my intention, but my dander tends to get up a bit when someone calls me a freeloader and questions my intelligence. As I have said repeatedly in other threads, I dont question your passion or loyalty Roy. I do, however, question your sometimes combative nature when it’s not called for.
Now then, it’s Saturday night, no hockey on TV, to dark to work…so enjoy your weekend.

I am Sorry Brian I did say the wrong thing about you.
Bill has continued to come to the NACHI site and Plead for people to take the National Certification and Both he and Claude have refused to give much information.
OAHI/CAHPI and their leaders have not been fair at all the do not follow their own rules and take from NACHI and give nothing in return.
… again Brian I am sorry for jumping you and there is no excuse…
… Cookie … Out to Inspection…

"I am Sorry Brian I did say the wrong thing about you."

**You’re a gentleman Roy.


Thats one thing that Roy has over Bill and that is when Roy makes a mistake or a mistake is pointed out he is quick to apologize which is more than Bill Mullen or any other of the leardership in CAHPI has been able to grasp.

I can say the same about you too Ray. I’ve seen you stand up for what you believe in, never meekly, but I have also seen you accept when you are wrong.
I usually try to see past the words and find the message. It’s hard sometimes but I do try.


I admire anyone who speaks up, I hate apathy. What I hate even more is when people are taken advantage of out of spite, animosity, ignorance, power tripping.