CAHPI Strikes Again!

Maybe CAHPI should invest their overinflated membership dues in quality FREE education for its members instead of relentless convincing in the media that their members are the best in the country. Just my opinion…
Thank God our skills are sharpened everyday thanks to this forum and the world class education provided by Ben & Nick!

Wasn’t the last major f-up an award winning CAHPI member from BC? (also licensed)

Thanks CAHPI seems to need to cooperate with other associations .

Posted here yesterday with all The Public comments .

Sorry Roy, didn’t see it.

So how again does licensing protect consumers?
And how is CAHPI/OHIA the only legitimate association with the only REAL home inspectors? They forgot to mention the other guy was a CAHPI member (award winning). I hope this sends a message to the public.

I feel sorry for that woman if these items were in fact visible during the inspection. She will have a hard long road to travel to get her money back.

PS- Those public comments sting

I’m amazed at how clueless some people are about inspectors.

Thats why I posted them .
I too was surprisd just how little we are appreciatedin BC .
I spent about one hour talking to a person in BC who is well on his way to becoming a Home Inspector.
He was very disapointed how CAHPI treated him.
I expect he will soon be a NACHI memeber .

Any closed Association cannot and will not succeed in this day and age. If you are not flying at break neck speed on the Internet and stick to a small group you are only getting maybe 5% that being generous of the learning you would receive.
I can’t keep up with my MB’s e-mails, new training so that is why I love InterNachi.
For an example!!!
I missed the training by Ben Gromicko and he sent me the recorded version.
When I miss other training Top Associations send me the recorded versions.
This is best for Inspectors as they can’t just take off to wherever they want to get trained.

Anyone else try to respond to the article? I think I was “moderated” Read–censored-- since I didn’t fit the profile (i.e. didn’t agree with viewpoint of CBC)

Not sure Stuart but that is allot of comments for 2 days.