California Association of REALTORs requiring home inspectors to take education and have E&O insurance


The only U.S. Department of Education-accredited education is at
The best insurance company in California is


Why is INACHI not on this like a lion on dinner?? This is nothing more than a non governmental agency attempting to enforce governmental regulation of a profession. It wreaks of discrimination and IS going to become a problem with the Inspection industry in California. If CAR is so worried about Inspector quality in California they should be using their lobby arm to lobby California State government to regulate home inspections.


The California Association of REALTORS® will soon have a list of Certified Home Inspectors for our REALTOR® members. Are InterNACHI CLI inspectors on the list?

A better option would be for C.A.R. to keep their noses out of our business! Maybe InterNACHI should implement a vetting program for C.A.R. members.

I’ll start asking agents in my area what kind of insurance they have and what their qualifications are.

I made a decision early on not to solicit work from real estate agents. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


So this is or is not something I should be looking into? I operate in the greater San Francisco area. about 75% of my clients all find me via yelp, google or some ad I have. Only about 25% of my business is direct from realtors.

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The way I read it, it is a reference for agents to use. You can sign up or not. It is not a mandatory list agents have to work from. However, I can see brokers telling agents to only use inspectors on the list. I guess we will see where it goes.

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Welcome to our forum, Kelley!..Enjoy! :smile:

The list is already public. Only a handful of inspectors on it including some InterNACHI members. CAR agreed that if you are an InterNACHI CPI, you need not have any more of their recommended training.

The problem as I am reading it is they are stating this igo academy be the preferred education provider, and not InterNACHI, ASHI or anyone else.

The state is essentially saying a private for-profit school is preferable to an accredited nonprofit education system like InterNACHI.

Also, it make no sense that Igo is based on the East Coast. What do they know about California codes and laws?

I suspect CAR is taking a lot of complaints. Perhaps lodge yours.

iGo is pretty much an InterNACHI super-friendly operation, so as long as no InterNACHI member is being rejected, I think it wrong, but I’m fine with it. If you feel my thinking on this isn’t right, let me know. Just check the “InterNACHI” box on the CAR application and you’ll be good.

But if you look at the list, even the other InterNACHI members, it specially mentions those that are certified through igo, and those that are not.

This Heavily implies that an Igo certification is more important than a NACHI certification, and Realtor should choose Igo certifications over all others.

I don’t see how you can stand for that.

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Well, you have more power to fix that than I do. You are an actual home inspector in California. I would complain. Others are, but a chorus of complaints is what is needed. iGO isn’t even an accredited school, so you have a strong case.

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What I don’t get is if CAR said all HI in California had to be ASHI, you would launch a lawsuit.

But CAR says all HI in California had to be iGo certified, and you don’t care?

That makes no sense.

If I get this IGO cert, I can stop paying NACHI dues for myself and the 6 inspectors under me? Because according to CAR, an Igo cert beats a Nachi cert.


I may have just fixed your issue at CAR. Give it a week. They are going to make a change to the site that should be satisfactory to you.

So now a Realtor association is dictating that inspectors need to have IGo training which costs inspectors hundreds of dollars a month for that membership and you are ok with that Nick?

IGo is probably a great investment for an inspector but I can’t stand the thought of a Realtor association dictating to the inspection industry what organizations we need to belong to and where we must get our training.

You have been fighting states requiring ASHI training but are not suing over this???

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I did not observe an interNachi checkbox, only a " Do you have iGo Certification?"

The site mentions other organizations but not InterNACHI. Here is the quote from the site:
In addition, participants in this program will have met certain levels of training or education from a State or National trade Association such as CREIA and ASHI or provide proof of 120 hours of completed education from a reputable home inspection education service, for example, iGo Academy.



It still makes it look like an Igo certification is more powerful/desirable than a Nachi Certification.

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