California shutting down non-essential business - Guidance?

The California State Public Health Officer and Director of the California Department of Public Health is ordering all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence , except as needed to maintain continuity of operation of the federal critical infrastructure sectors, critical government services, schools, childcare, and construction, including housing construction.

Seems pretty straight forward when I read this.

Marcel, do you think it says inspections are allowed or not allowed?

No mention of real-estate inspections in that article. But housing construction is allowed.

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That would be very clear if we were in construction. But inspecting existing homes is clearly not the same as construction. I assume you think it is allowed, but it was not clear.

It would not be allowed, because it is not part of the exceptions as listed here;

But, who is going to enforce it and do you really want to get infected or infect someone else?

I don’t want to affect others, but that is not a risk if I go to vacant houses and provide written reports with phone consultations to the buyer/agent. So if this is still allowed, I will keep doing inspections.
The reasons this is not clear:
1 - One of the exceptions listed in the order is “commercial facilities sector” which includes real estate
2 - The activities allowed per the website are not specifically allowed in the actual signed order.
3 - In the interview the Gov gave he stated that there were exceptions like the county orders. Real estate insepctions was specifically listed in some of the county orders.


Real Estate in that exception would mean commercial facilities as described., But since housing construction is allowed, someone has to inspect it and that would be no different than an existing house.
So in re-reading that, I guess there is nothing there to prevent it. For now.
Here, everything is shut down, except take outs at restaurants and lumber yards. So people are still building.
The key is that 6’

social separation

or should be

physical separation


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Construction being allowed seems clear at State and County levels, like Joe B said… is what we do really essential? I guess a person or business could tweak that how they wanted, but at end of day the intent is to significantly limit contact directly or other.

If I stay plugging away, I’d think no people besides those essential, such as for access are to be present.

I am hoping that the Governor’s office (and website) will provide further information and clarity. I want to keep completing inspections if we are legally allowed to.

I just got this press release from the local realtor association: Chicago Title is deemed an “essential business” and will remain open for business.

Title companies are not specifically listed on the state website or in the “critical infrastructure” link either.

Whatever you do Eugene, do it safely for the sake of you and your family and others. Take all precautions available.
This is getting bad, even in this State.

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but based on the number of calls I’ve gotten today asking for help as their original inspector is now shut down, looks like that’s the trend… closing.

We sent out notices to all the buyers and agents of scheduled inspections and everyone I have heard back from want to move forward as soon as we are allowed.

I talked to the California Dept of Real Estate, they said that they have not received clear guidance on this but will update their website. There is a ton of info but when it comes to business practices is simply says: “coming soon”.
Here is the direct link:

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Really need to read and understand the wording of the bill first before worrying about being covered by essential services or sectors.

Scot, please give your insight into your understanding of the bill’s wording.

I was told this by a broker today: “Our office was on the statewide conference call with CAR leaders. They said that showing property is not essential. No showings. No open houses. Work files and close escrows. Sellers are to do virtual tours and post The home online”

Local franchise broker just sent out email to employees and agents stating exactly that regarding the call with CAR saying real estate is not an essential service. No showings, no open houses, no inspections, work from home only with no physical contact or exchange. If you’re doing inspections on new construction that would be different. I would still be cautious and keep distance when dealing with people.

Here is an update on the CAR site:

I think that makes it pretty clear Eugene, that says we’re kind of done from the perspective that a CAR member would be violating their COE? if we conduct biz.

I think that’s it for now :frowning:

Aside from the legal aspects, the issue isn’t limited to inspectors coming into contact during inspections with people who are contagious. It includes entering homes in which people who are contagious have contaminated surfaces that inspectors will touch, and inspectors who are contagious but not symptomatic spreading the virus through the homes they inspect.

I do not agree with what CAR has written. Not a non essential industry. Will see how many Realtors feel the same as the days go on. Tricky wording in the CAR statement (no face to face, yet you can do other “activities”, not much else a Realtor does, remotely although with difficulties. Here is just one solution, Hey Scot, I left the key under the mat, lock up when you are done) like everything else being thrown our way by the news. Law enforcement in my area have stated they will take no action against any non essential businesses being open or operating. They will not punish them with 8665 (this is the news newest graphic). Know why? Not enforceable, this “order” is a heed, look up the word. I am open and stating my stance.