State Executive Order - Covid 19

So are we effectively shut down at least until the 13th?
If so, what about picking up deployed equipment?

If it were me, I would call the seller and have them put it on the porch or if vacant I’d go get it. Make sure you sanitize everything before bringing it into your house.

I’m assuming it is CRDs that aren’t cheap.

And Kevin, welcome to our forum!..where there are no stupid questions…Enjoy! :smile:

Kevin, are you in Michigan?

Yes, if you click on his face, it lets you see more info. He is in Union Lake, MI.

Welcome back to our forum, Dennis…where there are no stupid questions…Enjoy! :smile:

Oh Larry! :anguished:

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Do you want newer inspectors to learn or be made fun of, Kenton? :anguished:

Just kidding! Looking at the dates on those posts apparently people used to ask a lot of stupid questions, but our questions have all gotten a lot smarter since those days.
There aren’t many questions an inspector can ask that haven’t been asked before, and nobody should feel intimidated into not asking a question for fear of being ridiculed.

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It’s difficult enough to take on all that’s involved in this business without also having to worry about whether it’s OK to ask about something you don’t understand. So Larry, I was just a little slow to get the second part of my post up. Nobody should be afraid to ask questions, and if occasionally somebody gives you a hard time, you’ll typically get others posting in your defense and answering your questions.

They are all today, no?

I agree whole heartedly with you on that, Kenton. :smile:

Been home alone without leaving the house for a week now, Larry. Maybe my sense of humor is becoming twisted.

Maybe this will help:


You must have been home alone for longer than me!

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No worries…

From the Detroit News article…

There are exemptions from the penalty for places of religious worship and exemptions that allow businesses to maintain minimum basic operations.

From the Executive Order

4b) For purposes of this order, workers who are necessary to conduct minimum basic operations are those whose in-person presence is strictly necessary to allow the business or operation to maintain the value of inventory and equipment, care for animals, ensure security, process transactions (including payroll and employee benefits), or facilitate the ability of other workers to work remotely.

Businesses and operations must determine which of their workers are necessary to conduct minimum basic operations and inform such workers of that designation. Businesses and operations must make such designations in writing, whether by electronic message, public website, or other appropriate means. Such designations, however, may be made orally until March 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

  1. Under Exceptions…
    To conduct minimum basic operations, as described in section 4(b), after being designated to perform such work by their employers.

Just like government, never any clear directions. Use your best judgement and you never go wrong.

I’m not sure what to say. Inspectors can die or kill others, including family members or total strangers, in an effort to stay financially solvent by performing inspections that spread the COVID-19 virus. Each person will have to live with their actions during this time for the rest of their lives.

Bear in mind that the government is going to do something to help. They haven’t figured out exactly what yet, but help is coming. If you do something that kills someone and later find out that it was necessary… it’s better if you don’t have to live with that for the rest of your life.


Keep in mind that prior to this edict, we were operation under the government best practice guidelines including person protection and Social Distance (look at 3c). While I agree that the government has our best in heart (for the most part), the decision to conduct our business, even for our business survival should come from us, including the consequences of our actions.