Can a stove be next to a sink?

I was just wondering if an electric stove could be located next to the sink in a kitchen. Thanks.

I’m not sure how to answer.
I think you are asking if there is any codes against it?
According to the electrical code, yes, they can be right next to each other. NO, it would NOT need GFI protection.


They sell units that have a stove and sink in one piece. No there is no prohibition against it.

Very true Greg. I never though of that.

This has always amazed me this side of the pond. I grew up in the UK where this would not be allowed, neither would a stove be allowed to be installed within 12 inches horizontal of any vertical surface.

US codes are very strange sometimes. :frowning:



The stove has to be a foot away from the wall in UK? What happens to things that fall behind the stove?

They generally get caught in the thatch or wattle and do not reach the floor.

All stoves in the US and Canada are least a foot away from the walls in the UK. :slight_smile:

…at least. :wink:

HA! too funny. Reminds me of the: “why do we park in driveways and drive on parkways” thing :slight_smile:

A few pages for review here where the installation is covered for an “electric range”, electric stoves are mentioned only once in the UL directory, and only to identify the need for an exhaust fan in the proper location.

I did not read the attachment for the location of this “appliance” near a sink, but felt that this was very valuable information for the HI and for those needing more information.

I think that we all can learn a few pointers from this information.

Good point Paul LOL

You guys are tough, I ment the sides not the rear :mrgreen: