can an interior terd company-contractor step up to duh plate and explain.....

… how your goofy, lousy water-diverting system repairs/waterproofs the cracks, deteriorated blocks etc in the photo album/link…huh? Click individual photos to enlarge those photos, got that?
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The wall is bowed in, multiple exterior cracks and some deteriorated blocks and mortar joints soooooooo, installing ANY type of interior basement drainage system and sump pump AND let’s say carbon fiber straps OR wall anchors etc will NOT… stop further water from entering the exterior cracks and will not stop further deterioration of the blocks and wall and not going to stop-prevent mold etc inside.

Stop bs’ing homeowners for… SELF GAIN, sheesh!

FLIPPER theme song, near the end…Flippy flips off Prez Bone Spurs… got that?

What a friggin mess Mark.
Glad I don’t have that foundation under my house.
Wrong type of block to use in the ground, to begin with.:slight_smile:

yes sir Marcel, a blow out