Can anybody here do a 3d virtual tour landscape design?

Can anybody here do a 3d virtual tour landscape design?

We’re holding back, trying not to answer all at once, John . . .

What exactly are you trying to do John? Show off a job concept before you do it?

Try Google SketchUp:

I have 2 SketchUp experts. Lisa Vega who works for InterNACHI and Erik my younger son. was built in SketchUp. What do you need to have done? InterNACHI IT always says “If you can dream it, we can build it.”

I have Realtime Landscaping photo and pro version, I got it cheap off the internet and have played with it some but not an expert at it.

Thanks guys,

I’m working on a power point presentation for my HOA BOD for a pond project that I’m building. I thought I would try to collaborate with someone on-line that could do this. Time was of the essence so I hired a landscape architect to handle it for me.

Good to know that we do have some folks around here that can work with it. Nick, I think it’s great that your son knows this stuff, very valuable skill IMO.

This stuff is cool

Maybe you can build a virtual house of horrors with it.

That program is supposed to have some good features. Inexpensive too. Not all that intuitive to work from what others say with so I’m sure it takes lot’s of time to figure out.

That would be a good place to go agreed but it would take me a long time to master it I would think. I think it’s amazing what you can do with it though. Don’t you?

Yes, it’s a great program. I used it for a project a few years ago.