Main and Sub Panel

This house was built in 2005. I was surprised to see double tapped neutrals in the main panel that were probably from the original installer because there is nothing in the panel that looks like a home owner modification. The sub panel is fed by a 50 amp breaker. The conductors are 8 awg from the breaker. The pool panel has conduit laying on the ground and what appears to be a neutral landed on the grounding buss.

It is a more sophiscated panel than the old ones with just a timer and a light. I’,m going to call out poor workmanship on the flex conduit, too small of a conductor, double tapped neutrals at the main panel and a neutral landed on the ground buss. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.


ground buss.JPG



pool panel.JPG

You’ve found some genuine problems. I would hazard to guess that the original electrician was up in age (old). His “style”, violations and all, is typical of electricians over the age of 55 or so, who continue to practice their trade the way they were taught; irrespective of code changes along the way.

Take it easy Marc, I turned 55 last Sunday.

Um, er, uh,… I meant to say the original electrician was probably over 65 :mrgreen:

I guess what I meant to say was that it’s too neat to be a rookie, but has all the hallmarks of an installation from the 60’s or 70’s, even though it’s basically brand new. That’s what makes me guess a more aged installer, who didn’t learn anything new along the way.

That pool panel is a mess. Probably done by “the pool guy”, and not an electrician.

I agree. This house is interesting because it is in a little town called Maricopa. I doubt that there is much time spent on code inspections but my clients are an elderly couple spending their life savings to pay cash for their retirement home. I don’t want to miss anything on this inspection.

Didn’t the TV series C.O.P.S. originate there? williebu!

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Joe, you’re a f*ckin’ creep. Give it up!

Why would you even go there Joe…honestly.

Nice try Marc. :mrgreen: