Unknown Tubing

Anyone know what these are?

This (5).JPG

This one (5).JPG

Could be tubing for insects Gary. Is it around the entire house?

Here you go Gary


Thanks for the info Brian. This is where it originates.

Blue Tube (2).JPG

Blue Tube (2).JPG

Looks like an interesting system, does anyone have any practical experience with these?

A competing system that is quite popular in my area does not have a very good reputation. Despite manufacturer’s claims to the contrary they are apparently prone to clogging within one or two applications of pesticide. That is anecdotal evidence however, I do not have 1st hand knowledge of the apparent issues. See http://www.pestdefense.com/taexx.asp

I’m surprized it is not more common, it is applied where it is needed most, plus it is safer and cleaner.

Once again, I have learned something new from the NACHI BBS. Amazing !! If my wife had known about the technology when we built 15 years ago, there is no doubt my walls would be full of the stuff !:mrgreen: