can I do a home inspection?

I have not done a paid inspection yet
I have nothing set up for a business
I have been taking my classes and did not want to jump into inspections until I finished all of the mandatory classes I have a couple to finish yet
am I legally ready to inspect
This client is 20 minutes away and I don’t know them at all they found my name advertised by internachi they are close and I am excited to take the job so I have no business name no cards nothing the only thing I have is class credits and framing experience can I take this job or not, thank you for any support

IMO It only depends on the requirements of the State where the house is located.

ok I live in Ohio and I have been searching for state requirements for a home inspector and have found nothing. But when I sign off on the report what makes me certified? is it because I am already a INTERNACHI member. If my area has no requirements does that mean that just anyone can do a home inspection? Sorry if my questions are elementary I just want to make sure I am doing things right

You can legally do it. But can you actually do it? Sounds to me as if you are far from ready to take inspection jobs.

Perhaps you should temporarily make yourself invisible on InterNACHI’s many inspector search engines. Do more mock inspections for friends and family. That would be my advice.

Ok this has been the 4th call I have received One by the homebuyers and three by companies wanting to hire me because they have no inspectors in my area. I told the companies I have a lot to learn before I get involved. I would have took my boss who is a contractor with me to look at this house since it would have been my first paid inspection. So how do I make myself invisible I am excited but you are right I don’t think I am 100% ready yet.

wrong answer…imo
why not ask a fellow member w/experience to go with, show you the ropes, & split the fee…i’d notify client(s) to manage expectations
4 eyes are sometimes better than 2

where are You located Greg ?

you are right I get excited but I don’t believe I am 100% ready. I have had companies call me looking to hire me because they want inspectors in my area and I have told them all not right now until I finish all of my classes and know I have it all figured out. They have all respected my answer and told me they would call back at a later date.

The house is in Marblehead Its Port Clinton if you are familiar with the city

Apparently anyone can do a home inspection in Ohio, “legally”.

Home Inspection Requirements for Ohio

I’d take Barry’s advice and find a reputable inspector, that’s willing, in your area and split the cost. Or even give them the full fee and use it as a learning experience (be worth every penny in my opinion)

Greg I’m about 40 minutes east of You… if You want to give me a call tomorrow afternoon I’ll help You if i can, I wont be free till about 2 or so…jim


In my opinion you are very wise to ask this question!

IMHO, you are not ready.

Recommend trying to find mentors to tutor you for a time.

Keep asking questions!


Thank you for the respect Thomas I see a lot of guys attack each other on these forums and I was waiting to get ripped apart for my questions

James I work as a carpenter until 5 oclock it would be a nights and weekend thing for me to inspect right now. I will call the lady tomarrow and see what her excpectations are and I will keep you updated I live in Norwalk by Sandusky actually

You should update Your profile so local people can help You with questions Greg…the way it is now no one can tell where You are from…

You can become a home inspector like so many have been doing since it became a career.

Click your heels loudly 3 time and proclaim:


POOF You are now an Insta-Pro like the thousands that have gone before you.

That is all it took in most places until fools started thinking licensing would help cut the competition. You know keep all the new guys out and not let them start inspecting based on the same credentials they started with.

and what did it take for You to become a CMI Micheal…4 clicks ?..

You can learn for yourself here about this awesome program here.

When you want to stand above the rest is this world of everyone is equal due to an asinine piece of paper there is no better way to TOWER above the hacks.

uh huh…

I try and pay respect to all here, except the dodos. :wink:

Try to ignore the haters, I know it’s hard sometimes!


Lots of haters for sure. Many wish to put down those that keep going for more and more.

Never stop learning.
Never stop taking different certifications.

The more things you can show you have accomplished the better off you are.