My name is Brian, and I have a quick question about this site. Does the education provided here certify you as a home inspector, or is this sort of like an “enhancement” to those already certified? Just curious. Thank you.:slight_smile:

No it does not certify you as an Inspector .
But if you do all the courses and Read all the information here it sure will add a huge amount to your knowledge .
This and other courses and exams will certainly help you to be a great Home Inspector .
There is no other BB like this in the world .
There are no other Home Inspectors any where that can give you the help you can get here .
All the best … Cookie
We all love questions keep reading and asking

There is no ONE educational provider on this site. There are many choices.
If you take a course from one of them, then you might be certified that you
took that course(s), but that does not in itself make you a home
inspector. If your state requires a license, then they must certify you as a
home inspector to operate in that state.

InterNACHI can certify that you are a member and have fulfilled it’s membership
requirements, but that does not mean you are necessarily a mature home inspector to
the full extent of the meaning. Practical field experience must be achieved and report
writing skills must also be developed. InterNACHI is the perfect place to get started.

This will help you get started.

There is more to this than meets the eye, good luck.

a piece of advise. Listen to what these guys are saying they can help you out alot I have been around for about a year now and they all are more than willing to help when it is needed.

I’ve been around for several years now on this board and realize each year the old adage “the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know”.

There really is no other board like this one around. It is addicting though.

There are alot of helpful members. I can’t begin to name all the people that have helped my business out directly from reading this board or contacting members directly via email.

Hi Brian,

the online education that is available free to members on this site is considered continuing education, and is designed to help our members stay current and meet their continuing education requirements.



Thanks to all for clarification. I eventually hope to certify in my state and become a member of this site. Just from the responses, I can already tell that mature help will be there when I need it. Thanks again.:slight_smile: