Can I get report from device to PC without the cloud?

For some reason I’m having trouble uploading the report from my device, Note 3, to the “Cloud”. It keeps timing out. Can I plug my phone into the PC and get it directly? I found the floder on the phone. I found HTML document “full report w/ pictures”. I’ve been messing with this an hour already. I need to get this report done.

Frank, check out

It’s too late. I’ve already entered the information manually. Fortunately there wasn’t that much. Thanks Dominic. Good to know for the future.

Proof that Dominic is AWESOME!!!

Helping out an inspector using a competitors software at 8PM on a National Holiday, when the competitor is NOWHERE to be found!!!

(And some wonder why Dominic has such a huge following)!!!

That is impressive. Thanks again.

I will give him that, Dom is a pretty cool guy:cool:

Heck was answering forum questions at HIP last night as well.

He still has his forum hosted on his own site refusing to sell out because it is dumb to give up all the SEO.

So now it’s a HIPPIE convention?

HG should be along soon

Ever try and stop the tide ?

Sure, now that we’re getting back to HG’s ‘normal’ business hours. An HI’s “normal” business hours are 24/7. Lack of Customer Service has been the #1 complaint with HG for years. It’s the ‘prima-donna effect’!

Ha! Jeffery Jonas you are so wrong. HomeGauge has awesome support we hear it all the time.

Thanks Dom for helping!

So why couldn’t I upload from my device to cloud? I kept getting error message that "domain,, could not be found. I tried both WiFi and my 4g connection.

Are you still having issues? if yes , please call in and we can troubleshoot.


Sure, now it’s working after I was up 'til midnight manually re-entering everything. I’ve always bought the best tools available, that I could depend on to achieve the best results. Now I’m wondering if I made the right decision.

Being fair to Russell despite my poking the cage you should actually call him and chat rather than here.

I don’t have time to chat this morning.

Based on little information to go on…check your date and time on your phone.

I spoke too soon. It uploaded to 50%,and then I got this message.

Date and time are correct on phone.

Its also a good idea to learn how to transfer a file with the cable in case you have issues again. Its pretty easy to do:

  1. Pull outlet prong off of phone cable to expose the usb.

  2. Insert usb into computer with the phone on.

  3. using the computer screen go find the drive (camera) and go to the application folders, HomeGauge folders, report folders and copy.

  4. Now still on the computer screen paste the report folder in Documents HomeGauge Report folder.

  5. Open HG sw and select OPEN and then “Refresh Database” and you should see the report.