HomeGauge video report

Has anyone added videos into your inspection reports, HomeGauge offers this feature I haven’t used it yet. I just wanted to get some feedback before I integrate it into my reports??

Video option with HIP as well except can go into the PDF.
Not many are using it however instead of feedback why not give it a try.
The success depends on you and what plus how you video tape.

Keep in mind it is a supplement and not the report much like an illustration.

Best for movement and noise that is hard to explain such as flame rollout.

Robert (sorry but try to ignor the HIP thread gnat :p).

Depending on the client and the house, I include a street view and backyard view video in the report. They are with the front and back photos. I’ve also used videos to show plumbing leaks, air duct leaks (showing the leak air velocity with a piece of orange surveyor’s tape), garage door opener function, noisy fans and food disposals, etc. I caption my videos instead of narrating. I also keep them to about 10 to 20 seconds max.

Bob, I’m curious to know the pdf files size of a HIP report with 20 pics and 2 videos. How are you releasing your reports? Attachment or link?

BTW, I can add videos to a HG pdf report, I feel that the file size becomes to large to attach for agents and clients.

Steve, with 20 pics you’re around 1 to 1.5 megs. Video would depend on length. A 5 minute video will take way more space than 2, 15 second videos. Right now it’s about 1.5 megs for every 30 seconds (above the average length I’ve seen). So 2 videos plus 20 pics would average around 4 megs. On today’s computers that will take about 5 seconds to download.

Steve I think what Dom is saying is not to do a 30 minute video in the report.:):):slight_smile:
Seriously my personal opinion is people do not wish to take time for viewing a video when trying to hurry the RE transaction process.Here in Chicago I am always finishing reports on a deadline because typical is a 5 day window from pre purchase agreement to inspection and response from buyer to seller based on my findings.
Options are to accept issues that are found,Walk away from the deal or renegotiate.
The Real Estate Lawyer will make demands to the seller rep if requested and within the deadline.

It is difficult to cut and paste dialogue in a video if it is actually saying anything important to the report so you may need to retype what is already in the video and take more time in that case.

I saw a report with a 15 minute video yesterday. WAY too long!! It was around 15 megs. Still a quick download on today’s bandwidth but sooo long!

I recommend 3 video clips in every report for marketing. As Robert said:

  1. Pan the front of home left to right showing the yard and home (or a view) and place it beside the cover picture. (10 seconds or so)

  2. Demonstrate the filter location and which way the arrow on filter should point when replacing.

  3. Garage door reversing or the water cut off location.

These 3 videos would be easy to incorporate on a regular basis and would give you stand out status in your area!

The above videos are positive and market the home. Agents love it. We have been hearing the excitement for two years now with many HG users adding video.

This link can give you ideas of video for defects. http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/home-inspection-software/videocontestwinners.html

Using the upload and link (web presentation) with HG allows you to have minutes of video in your report if needed. But I think a few 10- 15 second clips will enhance the report experience.

One more tip:
If you try to use a video in HG for the first time and it doesn’t work you need to go to apple and install Quicktime. Then you MUST run the install of HG again so it will see the Quicktime.

Just make sure you get QuickTime from Apple and not a spam website.


Bob’s correct in that your video does not replace your required obligation to describe (in written form) to comply with the SOP. However video clips can dramatically reduce a lengthy comment to a short one.

For example, click on this sample report and go to item 4.1 Look at the pictures, read the short comment, and then watch the video clip: http://www.homegauge.com/report/2408242/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

It is possible to put videos in the PDF version of a HG report It plays automatically and it prints the first frame. Here is an example:


But it is easier to use the HG cloud services with the video.

Also I need to reduce the quality, that is a large file.

Thanks John. I think you showed me more than a year ago that you were able to incorporate video in a HG PDF!

While videos in PDF’s work they can’t come close to videos in html or Web Presentation that HomeGauge upload provides. No wait for report to load, any browser can view instantly, Safari browser on the iphones and other phones can view the html web presentation but they can’t in a PDF. With over 5000 reports being uploaded each week almost 1/3 of the buyers are opening the report using safari!

Yes I am pitching our HG Services for other readers! And our pictures expand to Hi res when clicked on as opposed to a PDF that enlarges the whole report. Click on the sample report and see how fast the videos load, the amount of videos and click on the pictures! http://www.homegauge.com/report/2408242/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

That’s an amazing statistic considering that Safari has 3% marketshare as of November 2014, not 33% :shock: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp. Are you referring to just out of mobile viewers?

“My app” that I give all my Realtors works on Apple mobile products and android which allows them to browse all of their reports on one page, then lets them decide any they would like to download to the device. The can also call, email, update their info or schedule an inspection from it.

Russ, I am not too familiar with your cloud services, maybe I should get a lesson.

Are you referring to the awesome ISN app?

No app needed for ours! It just works and is designed to be viewed on mobile devices too.

Now that is awesome!

Yes, I have been putting my logo on all the Realtor’s home screens. Meanwhile. my competition is putting brochures in offices that the good Realtor’s never go to. lol

Here is what it looks like on their phone.

Yea maybe mobile traffic http://www.businessinsider.com/ios-android-web-share-us-2014-7

Just curious on file size of HIPs report. I’m sure Dom compressing to the max.
I know things are “unique” in your area. I’ve heard from inspectors in Chicago area that the seller agents will attend inspections and consistently dispute inspectors finding.

Nice… Though you use color note rather than Evernote?

Color note is simple and quick.