can more home inspectors please use the correct WORD lol

… :30 he says it’s effervescence. I’d like ta think you’d have this word right after how many years. Say it with me, EFFLORESCENCE, there ya go, very very good.
1:00… termite tubes

‘why the basement is wet’, lololll
he points out the downspout extensions, grade was supposedly raised on/along one wall, leaves in window well, downspout ext./water not hitting splashblock, patio … ok fine.

If he is saying that whoever buys this house , all they need to do is some regrading, add longer extensions, move the splashblock a few inches lol, get rid of the leaves in window well and free up the drain by the door and this would then keep the basement dry, imo he is begging to cough up his inspection fee

Here he is explaining a sealed crawlspace
He says it’s a pretty neat system and mentioned who installed it, ok his opinion.
Why didn’t he, ‘explain’ that now since they encapsulated the crawl, he cannot see/inspect/tell buyers if there is water in crawl under plastic sttt, he cannot inspect the condition of the foundation walls and if there is x-amount of MOLD behind the plastic etc… isn’t this one reason he is there? If he’s gonna explain a sealed crawlspace then, explain these other points/possible problems instead of trying to tell us how ‘neat’ it is to him

You struck a nerve, John. There’s a Realtor with whom I do a good deal of business who makes the same error. I correct him every time. He continues to do it, I think, just to annoy me!

Along the same vein, showing instructions for a home I inspected yesterday requested that visitors use the provided shoe protectors in acclimate weather.

Say it with me, INCLEMENT.

I like effervescence. It goes great with Spalding concrete.

That’s redickless! :stuck_out_tongue:

lolol yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw