Why does the basement leak, is it the stupid downspout extension as some home inspectors and other morons claim? hll no

Rookie bs, same old dumb incompetent crap, the basement doesn’t leak because of a need for longer downspout extension, some pull all kinds of CRAP outta their butts, need to be sued repeatedly imo.

Inside basement, sheesh, duh does it leaks because of MORE dumb inompetent claims such as the exterior drain tiles are clogged and now they need an interior basement drainage system? Hlll no!

Outside, eh man, why is it that after we are done doing exterior waterproofing, these basements do not leak anymore, we didn’t extend the downspouts, we didn’t raise and slope the moron grade, we didn’t install an interior basement system and we didn’t apply Drylok on inside walls, sheesh dumb scratchers

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, wieners, yes, extend your wienerISH extensions faaaaaaaaaaar away, FINE as i said a million times BUT— that is NOT why basements leak, get some mold, effloerscence etc, dream on

the WEAK do not want the truth as they have yapped for many years that all these different myths and misinformation and incompetence was supposedly why these basements leaked and now they don’t wanna hear it nor change their tunes because i guess they think it makes them look bad, well, lollll you have looked bad, very bad on this subject - shttt the supposed smart boys from college can’t grasp this shtt, soooo smart but not on this subject, nope. lolll NOPE!


I can’t tell if you’re being facetious or not. I assume you are, given the 3rd grade literary skills displayed. Yeah, you must be joking…no professional adult could be that incompetent. Lol


ut, here’s come the rookie bullshtt, don’t you have some door bells and knobs to inspect?

whta is sooo terrible about the truths i wrote, unless you are one of those who tell buyers they can fix leaky basements with longer D extensions or some other knothead means

If you or anyone else cost buyers money, thousands $$ because of some incompetent claim you made to them about leaky basement or bowed in wall then you should at least cough up that HI fee, damn right
lolllllllllll 'lterary skills, wtfffffffffff does that have to do with being an honest experience contractor, shttt, college boy? lollllllllllllll


Listen up! a functioning doorbell is important! I don’t want to miss my pizza delivery! Same thing goes for a door knob! How the hell do I open the front door to accept my :pizza: if its knob is broken! :man_shrugging:


lollllllllllllll Simon., yeah so too are empty beer cans

college boys don’t LIKEYYYyyYYYyyyy my words n sentence structure haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! fkkkk UM

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You keep intimidating the nerd populace, stop it! BTW, why do I keep finding empty beer cans 2 feet under!?! :thinking:


thats cuz i am an honest azzz hole when i need to be, got milk?

hey, he found time to post–comment HERE buttttttttttttttttttt, and this happens w/some others as well, they couldn’t find a moment to comment on this…

nope, couldn’t find a few to read that story, family got scccccccrewed but found time to shtt on me, well fc you lil biccches, YEP!!! Ohh nooOOOO, Marky’s literary skillz n sentence structure sucks so he couldn’t possibly know anything about B waterproofing - Markys writing is MORE important to comment on than these scamming water-diverting co’s screwing over MANY homeowners= IDIOCY on duh Nachi board = NUTTIN new!!!

lolll just saw beer cans comment missed it, lollllllllllllllll where the hllllllllll has DannYYYYY been, is he FFFfFFfffflying high? And how come i can’t find name of his home inspection company, am assuming he is, lolll maybe not eh


Looks like the guys first post Mark, We can cut him some slack until he learns more about you. :grin:

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i didn’t notice Marcel, i hear ya but since i didn’t… not my fkg fault he chose to take a dump on me when instead, he could have chimed in on another thread, like the family who got screwed by an INT basement system co, why not comment on that instead of my lousy intentional sentence structure n verbage? How i write on this board n others means MORE than peeps getting repeatedly lied to n ripped off? MANY home inspectors here never comment on the INT system liars n cheats, seems a tad strange eh lolll

i get pretty friggin tired of being made out as just another scamming waterproofing outfit who shtts on everyone, NO chump heads not at all, case they hadn’t noticed is ht on those who sht on others, got it?

i deal with all kinds of azz holes every g damn day who think they know all about waterproofing etc, sht im not a bad mfr, i have helped many people for free dkkheads, i feed g damn homeless animals every g mdamn day, sometimes 2 times a day and i have never screwed over any homeowner 40 yrs, nottttttta once but get no credit for that. Do i bitch alot? Hellllllllllllll YEAH! Remeber WHY i bitchhhh, fkg foolzz lollllll


let’s see, not Aaron… i see another home inspector who says they are a general contractor and does home improvements and maintenance etc, that’s nice.

potential conflict of interest, may benefit their contractor business loll
Nachi/ashi code of ethics? Have no idea what they are.

could go something like this, either the HI or FRIENDS of the HI…
‘Ahhh Mrs homeowner, you have a leaky basement or crawl, well well well i just happen to do INT systems, am a Gen C… or, i have a good friend who installs INT system…’ and so on.

With all the crooks these days, wouldn’t be surprising at all for one of these who does both to LIE about a supposed problem just to get a side job and then gouge it, shtt don’t tell me it doesn’t happen lolll idiotzzz - what, they couldn’t hack it an a GC etc or maybe they wanna do both for shtt i mentioned, i see at least several builders do this around here, builders who tell peeps they do everything, inclduing waterproofing lolll and they r the best – NOT! HARDLY, all in their bich fat azz heads

I’m not totally sure what you are even trying to say.


Exactly, lol…I wanted to reply, but I’m still confused as to his position on this topic. Speak English, man! I can’t give a rebuttal if I don’t understand what in the hell you’re talking about. Put the bubble down.

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Seems like Mark isn’t the one with the issues. I and many others understand him just fine!

What am I missing here? Are you guys seriously professional inspectors who say gutters, downspouts and drainage have zero affect on water intrusion?? Aren’t you guys internachi trained? Or trained at all? Wtf, is this bizzaro land or have I just had one too many?? :thinking: :pleading_face:

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I think the person at hand is giving a humorous (opinion based of course) critique of contractors examining a basement and suggesting expensive repairs when they are potentially not needed, or someone has commandeered his computer.

The truth about damp basements is that to completely understand why one or more areas are leaking you would have to know how it was designed and built in the first place, if a waterproof membrane was applied and what conditions exist presently on the outside, under the ground.

If a gutter is dumping water at the corner with completely missing downspouts, and or the grade is facing towards the house that can be a real issue. I’m not sure if he is joking or serious and just unprofessional. In my area we have almost completely solved the damp basement problem as only around 1% of homes have a basement.


Yeah, you’re the only voice of reason I’ve heard. If they ARE serious, and, God, I hope they’re not, they’re only treating the symptom. You need to address the cause, i.e., the water. Get it away from the house and waterproofing or damproofing isn’t necessary… definitely an added bonus though! But, for realz…if you two really think like that, PLEASE get out of the inspection business!

I don’t think anyone has ever said that. But ask yourself this. If a foundation wall has a proper waterproofing membrane and a functioning foundation drain and no holes or cracks in the foundation wall, how would water get in?

What Mark often says is this, diverting downspouts and grade correction will not stop a leaking basement 9 times out of 10 because that water is getting in thru some hole or crack.

His next pet peeve is interior drain systems. The problem with those is that they do not stop the water or the damage to the foundation the water is causing. Interior systems only redirect water around the interior space but continues to allow damage to the foundation.

In summary, the full cure is multifaceted. Excavate, repair holes, apply membrane, backfill with gravel with proper foundation drain, grade slope, divert downspouts.

I recommend you watch his videos, I’ve learned a lot seeing these foundations once they were excavated.

@manderson7 if I missed on any point, please correct me.


If the grading is good and no downspout issues there would have to be some kind of hole or crack but it would be expensive to correct I watched a video one time of a company doing what you just said kinda wish we had basements here

Inspecting a slab home here in Georgia is a bonus. We have a lot of basements and crawlspaces; complicated business.

yeah hey Brian, yes sir pretty much lolll

the weight of topic is too much for some to bear, hence buyers-sellers should not hire 'em to ‘inspect’ anything other than a light bulb, maybe

excavate where homeowners problem is (crack, cracked deteriorated parging etc) so many who only have 1 leaky area because they have 1 crack, like many corners, only need that corner waterproofed - they do not need an entire wall done nor all the way around as the INT systems companies try n scam people into.

i’ve said many times, yes extend downspout ext’s away, NOT to waterproof their basements because it does not but rather to help lessen the amount of water in the soil along a wall, saturated soil against foundation walls isn’t good of course so, THAT is the reason to try and divert some SURFACE water away.

i’ve always said, find the problem (s), then fix it correctly and sometimes that means one has to be a bit intrusive inside a finished basement, need to remove some drywall to SEE the likely problem (s).

sometimes for the lucky homeowners, they only have a deteriorated-leaky rod hole or several leaky rod holes BEHIND the drywall, easy fix of course and has nothing to do with grading or 1 mile long downspout extensions. Some of these people have mold on back side of drywall and foundation wall too so sometimes it’s best to remove some drywall, IF one has some common sense that is.

and some may find they have a bowed in basement wall when they remove some drywall, or a pretty bad crack or deteriorating blocks on the inside

and then other homeowner who get some water in basement ONLY have some exterior gaps/openings in-around-under their basement window (s) or gaps above grade where a servive line enters the house so what good is telling homeowners to add 202.5’ downspout extension when this is the homeowners problem

thank you Brian.