Can not add Customer when scheduling

So I go to book an INSPECTION on the ISN this morning and for some reason the system will not save the customer information. It adds the realtor with no problem, but not the customer. I hit save of course, but the customer information is not showing up when I go to send the notification emails. Any suggestions?

Hi Dennis,
I just scheduled an inspection using the ISN with myself as the client, then sent myself an email through the ISN to myself and didn’t have any problems. You may want to try a different browser.

If the inspection is for tomorrow and you still can’t get it to work, I would suggest taking a hard copy of the agreement and have them sign it onsite, if they’re not attending, I would do the inspection, contact ISN tomorrow to work out the problem, and then send the report after they signed the agreement.


All good recommendations, Kevin.

Personally, I bring a hard copy to every inspection, even when they have been electronically accepted. I also have my Surface Laptop Go 2 to make any edits.


Hi Kevin,
I got home and scheduled it on my computer and it worked fine. May have been the browser as you suggested. I’ll try restarting my phone also (should have done that first). Thanks for your help!


Have had this same issue intermittently over the last couple days. Doesn’t like the mobile website order page. It has also been assigning the same report number across OIDs on the mobile website as well which really messes up my report writer (spectacular).

Not sure what ISN is updating recently but the updates are really fucking up the day to day and not correcting any of the running issues. Getting ready to drop them for Spectora.

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Thank you for responding Daniel. I sure hope ISN doesn’t mess up their system. Thanks for the information,