Can one become a Certified Master Inspector with no inspection experience?

This from


  1. 1000 hrs of continuing education done! On the computer…

  2. I can be a member of NACHI for 3 years without ever doing an inspection.

[FONT=Arial] c. evidence that demonstrates that you were a member of an inspection association as of three or more years ago; or

3 Agree to abide by SOP AFTER being accepted.

  1. Follow said SOP’s AFTER being accepted.

  2. Criminal Background check

  3. Affidavit

  4. $375

  5. Mail it all in

Where is the part that I had to do an inspecetion? Missed it somewhere.

Where does it state this? That if you meet the requirments that YOU imposed that it can be rejected? Is this ANOTHER place where requirements really are not REQUIRMENTS…I love the word “Board” too. Makes it sound all professional and stuff.

Just remove the “or” and be done with it.

Exactly. Instead of having the disclaimer at bottom of application, why not change the wording in requirements at the beginning.

The disclaimer leaves it open to interpretation of the committee to decide if an applicant qualifies or not.

LMAO…Committee? R U Kidding me? You know Nick gets the envelope…looks at it for 30 seconds, looks for the signature and the notary and WALLAH…CMI there ya are! Committee thats a good one…

Hell NACHI has what 9000 members and has no committee you think he is gonna set one up for 350 people?

Russel, there is a Committee, they just never run for election. Do you actually think that Nick could run this whole organization without referring to competent referral committee members?
Nick is no fool, and a very smart man, but even the best of the best need consultants at times. Not all of the time, not most of the time, but some of the time. :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

If you go back into the archives of this message board, you will discover this message board’s longest thread. It is regarding the qualifications for CMI. In it, I believe Joe Farsetta was first to propose a solution, that being a minimum in each category. John McKenna and I agreed to adopt it on the day we receive an application from someone who could meet all of CMI’s requirements despite never having performed an actual inspection. That day has yet to come.

The MICB recognizes the value in having both experience and education.

So what good is a committee that never gets elected? Does it really matter what you think then? If there is no way to over rule Nick then you are really useless. I am not trying to be derogatory just honest. Hell, Joe Farsetta said something was illegal for two days and then Wallah it became legal.

Without an election from the people the only way to keep your job is to please Nick, he is the only one you answer to. So then what is the use? I am not saying you are not qualified, by far I have seen your impeccable track record, but its not by the people, for the people. Its by the Nick for the Nick. I mean it is what it is, but lets not pretend its something different. Lets just call it what it is and leave it at that.

Russell, the application doesn’t formally address all the mathematically improbable scenarios such as the one that is the topic of this thread or perhaps someone who is legally blind applying. That is why it is not an online application, the application requires physical documentation to be attached as evidence, and the documentation is reviewed first. The application doesn’t guarantee acceptance.

By the way, how can you perform a back ground check when you never ask for a Social Security number? I read the application and it never asks for that. I never performed a back ground check, but I think one would need a social security number to perform one…maybe I am wrong…

And it probably won’t happen Nick. Only four Members have achieved the Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award to Date. And that only accounts for 50 hours.

Gerry Beaumont Certificate.jpg

Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievment Award

Wayne Cole

Greg Bell

[FONT=Times New Roman]Dennis P. Quigley[/FONT]

Patrick Carter

Marcel Cyr


Nick you make is sound as if there are millions of possibilities, there isn’t there several. Once again, Nick all you have to say is its my damn organization and deal with it. Better than all the BS you try to push. Just be Real, its about you and your ego. I am OK with that, it is what it is.

If you mean by “organization”… InterNACHI… I concede that I play a pivotal role. I’m the founder, head of staff, and one of the members of the Board of Directors. I don’t think this is any big secret you are revealing. InterNACHI works to please its members but doesn’t operate by consensus. If you want an association that wastes your dues on top-heavy bureaucracy instead of membership benefits, I recommend that you check out one of the little associations such as ASHI. I also recommend this book to you: LOL!

Anyway, other associations had 20-year head starts on us and still lost to InterNACHI. We won and continue to lap our competing associations because we run lean and fast. Hang on… lots more free benefits coming.

Is there really aboard of directors? I mean a real board? I thought I saw one day where you were looking for a VP and it was more or less a joke and within 10 minutes you appointed one.

I really don’t know, is there a board that you actually consult with? I mean sit down and discuss issues, meet, have conferences?

There is a Board of Directors where I hold a minority vote but we are prohibited from holding a meeting, other than our annual meeting required by the IRS.

Gotta run, be back late tonight to answer any other concerns you may have.

Could you change the date on the application to 2010?:mrgreen:

In fact, see the attachment.
I can make it so you can save the data, if you like.

Added application

There are more members than four that completed 50 hours of education from NACHI. I am one of those inspectors who did not bother to apply because of the bar being set too low. I felt the award did not justify such a great man, but that is just my opinion.

Myself, I did not apply for CMI until I reached 1,000 hours of education. I had well over a thousand inspections under my belt long before I ever joined NACHI. I did not realize you was allowed either or to become a CMI until I filled out the application. Another bar that was set too low in my opinion.

We need something that will challenge us veterans.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just remove the “or”?