Termite Inspections

Need to know what is needed to do WDO inspections here in Florida. Took the NACHI course. What else is needed?

A license.

Yeaah it’s tough to be both. I know of some termite inspectors who are now also home inspectors. It’s hard to do the other way around. Must be carefull with terminology on your report. At best all you can do is recommend the client seek further evaluation by a pest control professional based on what you see.

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Please update your location. We like to know where people operate.

I sub out my wdo inspections. The guys we use are a great part of my team and it took awhile to find them. Ask around to other local inspectors.

Here in Florida you need a specific license or are working under some one elses license. I don’t believe the nachi class qualifies.

No, it does not qualify for anything in Port St. Lucie or anywhere else in FL. Only HIs w/ a valid CPCO lic or a valid DACS card are allowed to perform WDO inspections in Florida. Home Inspectors who do not possess one of those credentials have to pay other people to do work that they should be able to do themselves. If you are getting in this for the long haul, try to get set up to do WDO inspections in Florida yourself so you do not have to rely on and pay somebody else.:slight_smile: