Termite Inspections

What is required to do termite inspections and/or WDO inspections in Florida? I would like to be able to offer this service.

You have to be a Certified Operator, or an employee (cardholder) of an Certified Operator, of a Pest Control company.

Look up the requirement on the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services site.

Unless you’re in the pest control business, you should stay away from these until fully and completely well trained.


Thank You for the information and quick response.

I might be wrong but if you are a licensed inspector you can perform WDO inspections. form http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/WDO/WDO-Inspection-Report-rv1.pdf not to be confused with form NPMA-33 which must be filled out by a licensed Pest Control Applicator. Home inspector can not identify WDO as being a termite, carpenter ant or other known WDI. If you do discover WDO you would then have to refer to a licensed Pest Control Applicator. At least that is the way I understand it.

Not in Florida.

Here is clarification: http://www.nachi.org/images2012/FL-Dept-Agriculture-Home-Inspection-Wood-Destroying-Organism-Inspections.jpg

Also, read WDO section of www.nachi.org/florida