Can We Say Ouch?

Does anyone have a strange tale about Electrical shock?

I once crawled into an attic covered in shiny board and someone
had drove a nail through the second floor flooring boards and split
the romex… and whallaaa… the entire attic was now powered
up and full of juice. I got a zap and crawled out of there fast.

We had to dismantle the flooring piece by piece until we found
the nail. What a trip. This was on a old remodeling job we did
years ago.

At the tender age of 21 I was at a birthday party for some rich Santa Barbara girl. (ahhhhh Monica)
Her dad arranged for a champagne fountain that turned out not to be grounded properly.
You would be filling your glass and the person next to you would throw their champagne on you.
Just as I was getting pissed off, I got shocked by the fountain and threw my champagne on the person next to me.

At the time not being very clever, it was hysterical watching people filling their glasses, and getting shocked.:smiley: :twisted:

When I was a wee lass, I owned a Bassett Hound named Snoopy.

One day we were walking past a neighbor’s motorhome and Snoopy was wagging his tail in his usual happy fashion. Well, the tail wacked the pipe on the back of the motorhome that had a live wire crossing it.

Of course it “bit” Snoopy’s tail and he turned around and bit it back!:shock:

Well, that was the end of Snoopy. He was frozen solid, sticking out from the pipe. We had to break his jaw to get him off of the pipe. (After removing the electrical source of course).

Was just a wee bit traumatic for a nine year old!:neutral:

During a basment remodel some years ago, I was climbing a ladder below a ceiling light fixture that had been removed. What I didn’t notice was that the wires were hanging down and not capped. ZZZZZZZZZZZZap. Yep, I checked for the circuit being energized with my head. No serious injury, just made be feel a bit less smart.:shock:

Moral of the story. Look up first when climbing ladders.

I got one yesterday from the casing on a distribution panel, you just gotta love Federal Pacific. During the same inspection I opened a window and it did not stay open came down on my finger and cut open the end of it.


When my daughter was about 2 years old she decided to go into my purse and get my keys and ‘drive’ like mommy by putting the keys into the outlet. I had just finished vacuuming otherwise I usually had all the outlets plugged with the plastic safety devices. She got a huge shock and the power went out. It scared the daylights out of us. She was fine, but it was a very scary ordeal.

you need a hug Cheryl

HA HA HA HA, go here:
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Once when I was young and dumb…

I had a g/f over for dinner and stuff…well I was taking a shower while she was making dinner…( i didn’t say i was going to cook )…I had been having trouble with the water heater…and this nite was no different…I came out of the COLD shower in a towel, went through the kitchen, grabbed the hot water pipe of the water heater to see if it was hot (dumb idea)…I couldn’t let go…it shook me and shook me…she came around the corner to see what was going on thankfully, when she touched me I popped off…and so did my towel…

The paramedics had a nice laugh at me…she insisted on calling them, I wanted to avoid paramedics and possible police involvement…

Anyway, I can’t say that it hurt too much until afterwards, my muscles were sore for days…

Were not we all?:slight_smile:

Tony I’m glad you survived the ordeal. Oh, and the shock too.:stuck_out_tongue:

Peter that was funny

when she touched me I popped off…

Tony! Where did she touch you?! d’oh!!:shock:

Ahhhhh! I know!!! It cracks me up!!! I hate it when people do that crap (practical jokes) to me,… but its funny to see someone else freak out. :mrgreen:

here’s another one, New Home Inspector GFCI Tester: :mrgreen:

Is this thread becoming a little morbid? :twisted:

Well here is another story…

This friend I knew just got though hooking up a huge commercial
electric panel (it was massive). Just about that time a group
of executives, developers and safety inspectors came walking
through for an inspection.

They all began to brag and say what a wonderful and professional
job this friend of mine had done on the electric panel. Well
my friend was feeling like it was time to swagger a little bit so
he put out his hand to lean on the wall and posture like
John Wayne, while he getting all the glory.

But there was a problem… the long screw driver that was still
in his hand managed to touch some wires in the electric panel
and a huge BANG and POP went off!!! All the executives in
their clean suits and white hard hats went diving for the floor
and starting cussing Mr Jack A$$ John Wayne.

My friend managed to keep his job, but did not show his face
around the job site for a while. What a life… :roll: