Can you find the defect....

Can you find the defect that the local buiding inspector made the waterproofing company install at the sump pump?

I had an interior drainage system installed the last 3 days.

The pump is a zoeller with a hydro pump back up.

I see a galvanized clamp on the Copper supply line.

It will work better if they plug in it.

I will take, what is a check valve? for $200.00 Please:D

I think I see two check valves, so this is OK. I can’t see a GFCI protected receptacle though. I fitted one to supply my sump pump recently. So I’ll take what is a GFCI? for $1000 please.

And Zoeller are brilliant sump pumps. I recently replaced my last one. It was 15 years old (they are date stamped), very rusty but still working. Brilliant. And because the designs have not changed much, new ones drop straight in!

My sump pump is cast iron. Bronze ones look beautiful but cost a fortune. Why are they so expensive? Corrosion resistance?

I’m not an HI.

And the answer is.

Back flow preventer is needed on the water back up pump.

USA waterproofing system 021 (Small).jpg

Ah, I can taste that sump discharge now. Mmmmmmm. :stuck_out_tongue:

The GFCI is a dedicated circuit. It techanically should have only one receptacle & not two. If I had a battery back up then the two recpetacle GFCI would be fine. I dont plan on using if for anything else.

I also spoke to PAbernathy and he likes the GFCI better in this scenerio.

The city inspector was OK with the GFCI.