Can you guess what I have in common with Robert Plant and Elton John?

This might be a tough one.

You all sing badly ;-).

I’ll give you a hint: Caribou recording studio.

I never knew that Robert Plant was gay? :mrgreen:

Go figure.

Your all Moose?


is your home on the site of the former Caribou ranch?




I think you cheated.

Nope. Close though.

Will got it!

I’m only joking. Gerry is pretty close.

I didn’t know that Caribou could sing (or where gay) :wink: .

I am stumped.

OK. You and ‘Sir’ Elton and Mr. Plant are starting the first gay home inspector association for Caribou home inspectors.

What a marketing breakthrough!!! ALERT THE MEDIA!

This is news? :wink:

ROTFLMAO!!! Nick and Will, you gays are too much!

Oops, sorry…I meant “guys”…you GUYS are too much!

I don’t think Plant or Zeppilin released anything on that label.

i’am going to bed now, before I get into any more trouble.

Let’s see. The stairway to heaven is in Silverton, Colorado. Both Plant and Elton sang that song but Nick is like 6 hours from there.

Hi Dave,

Not really I was a big music fan back in the 70’s and early 80’s the Caribou Ranch was very well know some terrific albumns were recorded there during that period.I new it was in the Rockies, just didn’t realize it was just outside of Nederland.



Answer: We’re all neighbors. They each have homes just down the road from me.

I met Robert Plant and didn’t recognize him (you wouldn’t either) so I didn’t know who he was for a while even though he told me his name.

I haven’t seen Elton yet.