Can you guess what NACHI member is here with Jay Leno?

Do I need to tie a door prize to it?

Picture with Jay Leno??

Who Cares?

I have a pic of a NACHI member with George Bush too.

And one of a NACHI member with Mike Tyson too.

Its not me. He has too much hair.

Too easy Nick, that is our mutual friend Jamie McDonell from ProLab

Next :mrgreen:



BTW, Yes :wink:


I Do Not and Will Not do Business with Pro-Lab.

Could that be why I did not recognize the Individual?

I just like the big logos on their website:

And the education approved seal botom left

And the inspector Glossary top right

Am I supposed to be Impressed or Humored?

I do not find myself smiling…

And the top right corner of this site:

I like their lab too. I think it is the best.

When was the last time that you sent a Sample that you had drawn to their Lab?

What happened for you not to use Pro-Lab?

Everybody complains about them.

Bad service, slow service, incomplete service? What have they done?
I ask because I have used them several times with no problems. Should I be expecting problems? Thanks

I don’t do a whole lot of mold sampling but I have not had a problem with their services.