Pro-Lab are cold call spammers

Pro lab keeps calling my business trying to get my business. We use a local lab, which we have expressed to them, but they still keep calling. We even have their number blocked, but they still leave messages.

Whats the best part? They are dropping the NACHI bomb as a means of endorsement or claiming they are part of nachi.

For the record. I will never use pro lab period. I recommend anyone who does do enviromental testing find a local lab where you can keep your business locally.

Keep calling me and I will start complaining to any online resource I have at my disposal.

My wife had the same problem & took care of it :cool:. My advice: Sic yer wife on em’, they can put anyone in their place :D.

They shouldn’t be repeatedly calling you.

However they do send InterNACHI members (exclusively) tons of consumer traffic. They are North America’s largest laboratory and they direct every consumer who wants an inspector to from some 50,000 retail outlets in the U.S. and Canada: Their kits’ directions encourage consumers to call IAC2 and InterNACHI members for further inspections.

Anyway, PRO-LAB can act like a nutty sister-in-law sometimes, but at least their our nutty sister-in-law.

Yeah I think they call me every month. Its always a different person.

But they do call.

I now have them blocked.

A few months back I answered a call from them and have been called repeatedly ever since.

The reason they call is because they have something to offer that many of our members want. No company as successful as PRO-LAB calls inspectors just because they like being hung up on.

We are in the inspection business, they offer ways to increase our profits as inspectors.

I’m not saying you should buy whatever they are selling, but you should probably take the call.

Same here. They finally stopped calling.

Another issue that I was going to start a thread on, but I will mention here. Last 3 days I have been getting several emails that start with “notice to appear…”.

The first one was scary, but I was told to appear for a court case in Sacramento, CA. Since I have not been there in over 20 years, I ignored it. A few moments later, I got the same thing for Raleigh NC. Then Kansas City, KS. Then, they kept coming from other cities. Over 16 emails over 3 days, stating a “Notice to Appear”.

This is a major virus, and will affect your computer if opened.


Here is my advice: Take the call. And say this:
“You called me. I didn’t call you. Did you call me to waste my time? What do you have to tell me on the phone today that is going to make me more money? If you’ve called me today because you have some way for me to profit from this phone call… I’m all ears. So tell me how your phone call is going to help me. You’ve got 2 minutes. Ready, Set… Go!”*


They have been calling me everyday, multiple times a day, for the last few weeks!!!

I DO NOT answer their calls since the last time a few years ago I went through this crap with them! I guess my DO NOT CALL demand to them has expired!

Guess it’s time to get ‘huffy’ with them again.

What are they calling about?

They called me and I told them to email me the information on their services like water testing. I never received the email and have not been called since.

It was probably a limited sale then. They don’t like emailing you the details for fear you’ll post the email and then everyone would would demand that pricing.

Over a year ago some guy who sounded like Joe Pesci from ProLab kept hounding me after I explained there is no need for these services but finally stopped after I told him to go F himself.

Direct result is I will never do business with them ,ever.
2 years later and I still get mad thinking about it.

Why would you not?

None of us like spammers or rude cold calls. Why do they even bother us? Most of us tell them to **** off. We know when to reach who when or if we need a vendors service.

I like Pro Lab, I’ve always been treated fairly.

Such is the life of boiler room cold callers working off a list of phone numbers.

If you are really mad at them, waste their time by talking to them.


I couldn’t disagree more. This is our industry’s largest vendor. They aren’t calling to sell you Viagara. I’d stop everything and listen to what they have to say. I’m not saying you should whip out your credit card instantly, but you should find out why they think they needed to call you.

Joe Burkeson writes:

Me too.

Ever wonder what Nicks take is on prolab sales? Duh