Can you inspect this pool?

Told my client that I would do a visual inspection of the pool during the home inspection and let him know if I saw any major problems

Check out the pictures…bet you can guess what I told him!



Tell him he can put all his marbles in there while he counts them just to make sure he isn’t missing a few.

I would state any of the obvious such as any noticeable / visual defects followed by the basic reasons the pool cannot be inspected. Also recommend he have the pool cleaned, filled, and inspected by a professional pool service company.

Yes, you would expect the client to understand, but sometimes they don’t.

Actually, I was surprised that the client hadn’t noticed that the whole deep end of the pool had heaved about 18 inches out of the ground!

That’s easy. The pool needs to be replaced, or just buried.

Yep…I was just posting it up for general interest…It was an easy write up.

Lots of other fun stuff on this house…shingles that hadn’t adhered to their tar strips so they were blowing off, an Arkla recuperative furnace, etc.

I’ve always heard this could happen - never seen it. Good pics!

Pool can be inspected.
It is heaved (floated out) and needs to be replaced.

I would state that it is more out of level than the 1/4" standard.

Put a motor on it and take it to the river!