Can You Relate To This

"My contractor said your inspector should have…

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For sure, Preston! :rofl:


I just had one with roofer. Roofer replaced roof for seller and told buyer there was nothing wrong with the roof that her inspector was stupid. Apparently moisture readings at 20+% on sheathing and missing shingles is a good roof in his eyes. Sure hope his workers do better work than he considered good.

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I was paid to perform limited mold sampling only. She did not want me to do (and pay the additional fee) a full mold inspection & assessment including a remediation protocol. Again, limited air testing only.
She received the sampling lab analysis as contracted for.

THEN she gets crazy-nuts.
I’m also baaaad because I cheated her & charged more than the lab fees - how dare I make a profit!
ps>>> I pay $22.50 per test not $28.00 ha ha
Tried to call 4 times, will not call me back. Thank God for contracts!
Never heard from this whacko again.

This is all new to me. I can only go based off of what these folks are telling me.
2 folks last night and the 3rd who came today have all said the same things to us.

Everyone we’ve spoken to (the 3 who came to the house and 2 others who we
simply sent your report to) have told us that what we were given by you is not a mold inspection report.

The gentleman who just left mentioned that he works with ProLabs, that they charge $28/test and that the report provided to us does not show a plan of action.

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