Canada 50hz/ U.S. 60hz

My knowledge of electricity is at times a bit thin. Can someone put into layman’s terms the definition/ purpose of hz, and the difference between 50-60 hz. I will be attending the NACHI convention and I was warned to be careful when trying to recharge cell batteries, camera batteries and laptop batteries (Due to differing hz) Any input and/or advice would be a learning experience for me.

Canada’s almost all on 60hz anyhow, so don’t worry.

Gee the only part of Canada that is not 60 cycle is some cottage country where some use oil lamps or dc car batteries .
We converted from 25 cycle in 1949+or- .
We never where 50 cycle that I know of . It is europe that is 50 cycle and it is also 240 volts.
Roy Cooke .


You are coming to Canada[Toronto is the centre of the universe] man not some developing country. Contrary to popular belief we do not live in igloos.

One would think that he sees it (Canada) everyday when he looks across the Niagara River and sees Fort Erie.:shock:

Roy/ Mario,
I was not trying to disrespect your fine country, only showing my ignorance of electrical matters. I’ve spent many a day in Fort Erie cottage country and still don’t know if those igloos are 50 or 60 hz. I don’t think we should hash this out, I think we should leave that up to Rob Ray vs. Ty Domi. Looking forward to a Maple Leafs game. (Oops, they’re on the golf course now.) GO SABRES!!!

Sorry I was not trying to be smart . I was only trying to educate.
I think Mario was just funnin a little.
Please do not take it wrong We ( Canada ) and the USA are tied together Electrical closely in the north East and trade electricity back and forth constantly.
I am sure All of the USA and Canada are tied together constantly and purchase when needed from where ever they can get it.
Roy Cooke


What a dissapointment with the Toronto Maple leafs. This makes two consecutive years that they did not make the playoffs. I think Domi is done with Toronto.

Anyway I’m cheering Buffalo on!!!

Back to your original question: Alternating current;

Alternating current is distributed throughout North America Known as 60 hertz. [Hz] Hertz means cycles per second, thus 60 Hz means 60 cycles per second. You don’t have to worry about your battery charger!! See you at the convention Keith!!

Now thats funny…:slight_smile:


I thought so as well!!!

Paul look for me at the convention I have the updated Canadian Electrical Code book for you.