We're building a free, online radon course. Please direct me to Canadian info.

We’ll make it a N. American course.


I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but there is info on the Health Cananda sight http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/index_e.html

Look forward to the cource



Health Canada and CMHC are doing a cross-Canada tour speaking with many groups and individuals (including inspectors) about Radon.

The Canadian Governent recently lowered the levels they consider dangerous, so new regulations and protocols are being developed.

Any course might be a bit premature until the levels are finally decided and until the government decides how testing will take place and over what periods of time.

Bill Mullen

So far as I know radon is not an issue on the prairies

Vern do you know has there been much testing in homes for Radon and what the results are.
With our Government changing there recommendation .
This could add a lot more testing for Radon.
I wonder should we not as home Inspectors be prepared for this .
Courses taken could certainly improve the HIs knowledge of RADON. Read more


Canada is the world’s largest producer of uranium.
About 80 percent of uranium mined in Canada is exported.
Canada provides 35 percent of the uranium used in the production of nuclear power in the United States.
With dramatic price increases in the cost of uranium, new mining projects are being proposed across the country.
Saskatchewan is the main location of mining, but projects are also being looked at near Sharbot Lake and Highlands East, in Ontario, as well as in Nova Scotia.
Although Nova Scotia has banned uranium mining, Tripple Uranium Resources Inc. would like the ban reversed if large uranium deposits are found.
In all areas, local residents and environmental groups are protesting the mining because of serious health and environmental concerns. Evidence suggests there is no safe storage system for radioactive waste from uranium mining.
Uranium miners have also experienced unusually high cancer rates.
But as demand for uranium ore increases in the United States and around the world, there will be more pressure on governments to allow companies to mine it.


Nick, follow this link to download a free copy of “Radon; A guide for a Canadian Homeowners” Enter “Radon” in the search box and it will direct you to this guide.



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If you need more, say the word.

Thanks Bob, that still has our limit 33% higher then the USA.

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**Country, organisation Radon reference
level (Bq m-3)
**Netherlands 20
Luxembourg 150
United States of America 150
Australia 200
Ireland 200
Norway 200
Sweden 200
United Kingdom 200
Germany 250
Austria 400
Belgium 400
Finland 400
Switzerland 400
Canada 800
European Community 400
Basic Safety Standards for Radiation 200-600
(International Atomic Energy Agency,
World Health Organisation and others)
International Commission on 200-600
Radiological Protection
The data for this table was taken from National approaches
to controlling exposure to radon by PA Colgan and J
Gutierrez, presented at the 6th Symposium on the Natural
Radiation Environment, Montreal 1995.