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Ontario Consumers .

If you had UPS bringyou a USA package During 2005 to August2011 you could be getting the additional fees refunded .
Looks like a classaction law suit was commenced against . (“UPS”) CanadaLTD with the charging of additional fees .


[/LIST]**UPS“Brokerage fee” class-action **

Publishedon 12/10/2006 in General. 396Comments
Apparentlya guy in British Columbia has filed a class-action lawsuit against UPS,for the ridiculous “brokerage” charges they demand from the recipient of anyUS->Canada shipment. Frequently the brokerage fees will be more than theshipment is worth.
Unfortunately, the case isin BC only at this time, but if one starts up in Ontario, I’ll be there. Thosebastards have ****ed me one time too often.
FedEx used to be better,but they started doing it too (I guess they could smell the money too). Theonly viable option remaining is the regular postal service (which charges aflat $5 for the same service). That is cool, I’ve had good luck with simple USPostal Service shipments of CDs ordered from the US. But some stores refuse toship that way.
I want to buy a Technivorm coffee maker, onlyavailable from the US, but haven’t been able to figure out a good way to do itwithout paying off those gangsters. I think there may be an option whereby Idrive to a customs office and clear the package myself. That would likely costme more in gas than I save in brokerage fees, but it would be worth it.
Update: Man, close to 200comments so far, almost all of them from very angry people. I’ve have sincelearned more about doingyour own customs clearance, including some relevant information straightfrom Canada Border Services Agency.

I have refused US shipments due to excessive brokerage fees.
Keep us posted.