Cancel culture making progress, I guess

Get rid of the woman on Land-o-Lakes Butter.

Good, now get rid of that guy on Uncle Ben’s Rice.

Good, now get rid of that woman on Aunt Jemima Syrup.

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O.K. One more to go.


The Quakers got a transgender look going I think he’ll be fine.



This isn’t actually the truth. I get frustrated when, as a conservative person when I see these kinds of mis directions and misrepresentations. It only makes us look bad. And, It damages our credibility.
Do yourself a favor a conduct a little research before passing along things that appeal to your opinions and sensibilities.
By the way. Same comment to you lefties who mindlessly forward the useless tripe that I see from that side.

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You may be right, please share your information.


I start with Snopes (whose bias is often obvious)
Have a look at Wikipedia as well.
Its also frustrating that these kinds of things are often tinged with just enough truth to trigger a wild ride of extrapolation to present a story that appeals to a broader audience and whatever agenda is trying to be advanced.

That wild agenda is the “woke” agenda which is being challenged by a counter point or perspective. I do not think you can rebuke the counter point without taking into context of the original “cancelling” points. Which was basically the connection to slavery and servitude.

So do we celebrate Nancy Green’s success as an illustration of America’s progress out of a dark past or do we condemn it? Some would argue that America provides the greatest opportunity for the rise of the marginalized. Others would like to see our past as an illustration of our modern day intrenched faults.

It is a matter of perspective. I think these companies missed a great opportunity to demonstrate “the rise of an American slave, servant or marginalized person” by showing the ability of our country to transform.

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There is no doubt that both sides in this cultural debate and so many other debates engage in this type of misinformation to advance their agendas. Too many people are content with believing they are “informed” by these kinds of propaganda. People will spend hours following the Kardashians, Sports entertainers and other glitterati, but base their votes and policy opinions on a bunch of shitty memes and other propaganda held out as “facts”. Then, just anonymously forward this crap out to the world. It has been said that “a lie will travel half way around the world before the truth even puts it s shoes on”
Sounds like we both agree that America is the best opportunity for those marginalized peoples to gain a foothold. And, I believe that we shouldn’t apply our current perspective on our history in an effort to condemn that same history.
Have a great Sunday, Brian!

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What part isn’t true? All three of those American icons have been removed from their respective product packages.

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This one will be next.

You need to be more specific since the Snopes article you posted was debunking a claim that my post didn’t make, that Nancy Green died a millionaire.

I did my research, maybe you should have done yours. As far as making claims that make conservatives look bad or damaging their credibility, most of you do a pretty good job of that yourself.

If you were an open minded person, which I’m assuming you’re not since you consider yourself a conservative, I would recommend reading this article.

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These poor libtards couldn’t get their way, so … …

Won’t they make good Doctors?


Good for them, Americans exercising their right to peaceful assembly, or in this case peaceful disassembly. You’re right, they’ll make excellent doctors.

A Bigot is someone who is intolerant of differing points of view. Are you one of those? Those Doctors who walked out after they couldn’t get the speaker “cancelled” are bigoted. Last thing I want is a bigoted Doctor. I suspect if they didn’t agree with a patient they might “cancel” him. How ironic that tolerance is most often preached by the intolerant.

Are you against the right of peaceful protest? If someone decided to protest or “cancel” Bens Wild Rice or Pearl Milling Pancakes, would you call them out for being Un-American? Your loose meaning of the term leaves a lot of questions.

How about the “canceling” of 50 years of precedent? What’s your word on that one?

How about laws allowing Christian Doctors “canceling” gay patients?

No. Peaceful protest, particularly against the government, in the proper venue (where government is) is a Constitutionally-protected right. We actually need more protests, not less. Let the January 6 protest be an example of how to do it: Proper venue, not a single gun brought inside by the protestors, let alone discharged.

You obviously have incomplete information or have chosen to present it that way. Had the speaker been chosen to speak specifically about abortion or the Supreme Court decision a protest by walkout would have been appropriate perhaps.

The speaker was not presenting that information though so the walkout and the attempted cancellation made no statement other than intolerance of people who, though recognized in their field, will now be shunned because they have one belief we disagree with. That’s bigotry. Next we will cancel people for any reason we disagree with (some already do).


roll eyes

Oh, no knives used either. Yet I heard on NPR (yes I listen to NPR now and then) the news anchor calling it an “attempted overthrow of the government.” What? An attempted overthrow of the most powerful nation in the world without the backing of any branch of the military, no guns, and no knives??? Seriously?

Anyway, Jan 6 should be held up as an example of what a Constitutionally-protected, zero guns, proper venue (where government actually works) protest looks like.

If your interpretation of the Jan 6 insurrection was peaceful, then the Boston Tea Party was guys sitting around drinking tea.