Reposting in proper forum,are CanNachi and InterNachi seperate entities,I am an Internachi member,Residing in Canada,Am I entitled to a free membership or discount,are my credits transferable,thanks again

CANACHI and INACHI are two completely separate entities. CANACHI is very closely allied to a privately owned inspection school and your membership in INACHI does not entitle you to membership in CANACHI.

Your membership in INACHI gives you access to this organizations superior on-line education resources. All new members of the ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS who are not already members of INACHI are entitled to free membership in this organization thanks to Nick’s very kind participation. Perhaps that is where the confusion comes from.

Thanks for clearing that up George,yes I agree Internachi is superior,the on-line education resources.combined with Nachi-TV, and a first class forum is next to none,thanks for setting me straight.

And if you are a member of InterNACHI it may be a good decision to join AlbertaNACHI.

I will definitely do that Daniel,the letter to the minister on Alberta Nachi web site was exactly what I was getting at,open arms to 2 associations,well,that’s just not right, thanks.

smooth move

You guys are funny!

Welcome James Life is too short not to enjoy every minute of every day .

Your clapping hands are making my cat crazy,the cat that is always on my desk blocking my monitor that is.

Cute thanks for the Chuckles . Animals are great.

We have Mollie the beagle and she has been on well over 1,000 inspections.
When we leave her at home every ones askes about her .
To hot or too Cold she stays home.

**Welcome aboard [COLOR=#060]**Christopher. I also invite you to joint the chapter as well. We need all the help and support we can get. The government has not made any decisions on licencing yet but it’s coming and we want to be ready to respond when and if it happens. ****[/COLOR]