strictly for non-INachi members

:roll: I would like to get some feedback as to how many Canadian inspectors are planning to register for membership in CanNachi; Canadas’ newest home inspection association, and by far it’s greatest source of free, and low cost, high quality education. We will be launching early in the new year, and we will let you know when and how you can become a member. If you’ve never joined an association before; you really should take a close look at CanNachi, and InterNachi. The benefits will simply blow your mind! Check out all the Membership Benefits, on the INachi home page. No other association in the world offers anywhere close to all Inachi, and now, CanNachi offers… If you’ve been burned by the other; join us; be our brother!..

You can reply to this thread, or email me, personally, at

Just to make it clear (I had a few people ask me this via email), all Canadian InterNACHI members will automatically become CanNACHI members as well.

Thanks Dom!

       I knew that, but I'm just trying to calculate the possibilities, adding in all the guys and gals who are currently members of organizations other than Inachi, and those who have no association affiliations, who might consider partnering up with the latest and greatest of inspection associations!

       I can't help it. I'M EXCITED!.................SHEESH!

Lol, I know :mrgreen: I just wanted to make sure current members understood.

Thanks for jumping on it so quickly, Dom.