Canspec offer to InterNACHI members.

Thanks Nick for bringing our offer to your members! I’m sure they would appreciate the opportuntunity to learn more about our HomeReportTM Home Inspection Reporting System. Here is a link to our YouTube channel where Nachi members can review some videos on our products http://

Our offer allows Nachi members to purchase a single copy of our HomeReport reporting system at the 50 unit price, giving them the chance to fully review the inspection report at almost half the cost of a single copy.

Wishing everyone at Nachi continued success in the business!

Kind regards, Sharon Purtill, Canspec Home Publishing

HI to all, we have been using this system for 8 years now and not once has any of our clients called and asked what is this. To me that is important. When they walk away after the inspection they usually have a big hug on the report. Easy to use and explain. Have had the chance to change many time but no way. Sharon has always gone above and beyond to help our little company and help us grow. Thanx Sharon:D:D

I used their report when I first startit was a great report and stll is. However when I went to work for Amerispec I had to use their reports. Now I use 3D and it is a great reporting system.

Is this reporting system available in French?


Unfortunately, HomeReport does not come in a French version.

Thank you Chuck & Rob for your positive comments on HomeReport!

I came across homereport from Chuck. The best thing, it is client friendly. Just a great tool all around