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Hello I am a new NACHI member and have been doing inspections for a lot of years using the home reference book from carson dunlop I like the system but the standards are caphi and ashi. Does anyone know of a good three part reporting system ( none computer ) filled on site that is NACHI standards and more reasonable priced. The home reference book to my door is close to 49.00 . Thanks for any help …Doug

How many at a time do you buy . I pay just over $30:00 and get 100 You should find some one to split a shipment .
It should not cost $17:00 a book to get them shipped .
Let me know
I think you can buy the reports only for about $7;00 or less .
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Ahit puts out a very good 3 part NCR reporting system. Available at

Design you very own 3-part form to your standards.

I designed my own 3-part form (17 pages) and I include a 64 page manual that covers every aspect of home maintenance. The manual also contains every disclaimer that you can think of.

Have a look here , my clients love it!!:mrgreen: