How to Perform Electrical Inspections Seminar

Hey Guys,

Someone contacted me and asked me if I was willing to do any seminars based on the book and video series to members. The problem is getting enough together in a single location to offer the training. I generally like to teach to the masses or atleast rooms with atleast 25 people or more.

If you have an area and can sustain a minimum of 25 people who would like to attend I will see if I can get it done. it can be as basic or advanced as you would like…Codeist latent or basics latent is your choice.

Let me know if anyone who has the desire to head up the task of putting it together for their specific area and give my office and call or e-mail me and we can make it happen.

Let me try this…If I held an ALL DAY ELECTRICAL EVENT in lets say Richmond,VA. How many inspectors Nick do we have near Richmond,VA for example and how far would someone venture to attend this type of seminar?

Assuming the price is fair, # of attendees is nothing more than a function of how much time I have to promote it. If you set up the venue 90 days in advance I can pack the house.

Time is not a problem…What is an acceptable price per person in this market as obviously the inceased numbers of attendee’s would reduce the price of any venture. Holding a seminar with less than 25 people is not price savy for an educator if they are not teaching in their own backyard.

Hey Paul,

I’ll have to look up what the deal was we made when you did your all day “Electrical Inspection for Home Inspectors” seminar for our Wisconsin InterNACHI chapter. I know that we made out pretty well. Electrical isa popular subject her and we would like to workout a similar deal to have you come back for a day to do the same thing (hopefully updated).

We don’t need more than about 60 days to have a minimum of 25. This is also a license renewal year and a lot of inspectors will be playing catch-up to get all their required CE hours in.

If your game, I’ll llook up what we did the last time and see if we can if we can work out the numbers and schedule to get you back. I’ll email you. We had quite a few inspectors who were unable to make it the last time.Unfortunately you had planned on that one being your last inspectors seminar.

Are you game to entertain the idea of a return trip?

**Coming to the Marriott **
**Schaumburg , Illinois **

[FONT=Verdana]Electrical Training [/FONT]

By:[FONT=Verdana]Paul W. Abernathy****[/FONT]

The Electrical Guru

**March 13, 2010 - 6 hours Illinois CEU **

I would attend one of his courses. Paul can you do this anywhere in the US? Do you have items to bring? Can they be brought on a plane or do you have to drive them? I think the Florida Home Inspectors can get at least 25 to attend one of your courses. Let me know your fee. Thanks

Good luck with that. Maybe you would like to start you own thread…

We prefer to do our own Wisconsin events or work with the Chicago chapter. Wisconsin inspectors do not like to travel to Illinois for anything unless the live right on the border (and there are only a few), much less pay $190-225 for a day.

Thanks anyway. We’ll wait to hear from Paul.

Is there a Wisonsin, Illinois Home Inspector Gangs? Crypts and bloods or the Arc faults and the GFCI’s…

I am going to the Wisonsin Chapter…I want to be a member of the AFCI gang…to hell with the GFCI gang!

Hey can I be a member of the Wisconsin and Chicago chapters? Half of their population lives here 1/2 the year.

The more the merrier… as long as you pay your dues.

Spread the Love!:wink:

lol…anyone interested in having me come do a seminar just need to contact me via E-Mail. You all know where to find me.

The only things I can learn in Wisconsin are:::



Water contamination

Picking up an unemployment check

Meeting the farmers daughter (married one)

How to deal with losing sports teams (Packers to be included next year)

The Dells are cool though :slight_smile: